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Pak-US engagement - The News International;

Pak-US engagement - The News International

The News InternationalPak-US engagementThe News InternationalLieutenant General McMaster, the co-author of counter-insurgency manual 'FM3-24', has conducted his first tour of Pakistan as the US national security adviser. He is credited with bringing the much-needed balance and sobriety in the US National ...and more »

A new beginning in Pak-Afghan ties - Pakistan Observer

A new beginning in Pak-Afghan tiesPakistan ObserverAfter remaining in a tense and hostile environment for over a year, the visit of two high level Pakistani delegations to Kabul is a step towards restoration of trust and confidence building measures (CBMs). The military delegation under General Bilal ...and more »

New Theatre of US-Russian War - The Day After;

New Theatre of US-Russian War - The Day After

The Day AfterNew Theatre of US-Russian WarThe Day AfterWestern drawdown from Afghanistan in 2014 has allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin to flex muscle in its backyard. This will lead to new geopolitical rivalries in South Asia. By Chandan Kumar. The United States under President Donald Trump has ...and more »