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Haj Scams: What some Muslims will do to get to Mecca - Jerusalem Post Israel News

Some Muslims are apparently ready to go to any lengths to participate in the Haj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Strict quotas and expensive travel have pushed some pilgrims to smuggle drugs, forge passports and paperwork, and, in some cases, enter ...and more »

After the hajj: Mecca residents grow hostile to changes in the holy city - The Guardian

Millions of hajj pilgrims are preparing to head home, after five days performing ancient rites, revering a God omnipresent in the city of Mecca. They have stoned figurative devils, they have slept in the world's largest tent city, they have drunk water ...and more »

At the Hajj, Facing Islam's Inconsistent Embrace of Women - New York Times

MECCA, Saudi Arabia — “Sister, where are your socks?” one of the women I was sitting with demanded. “Don't you know you have to cover your feet?” We were in the sprawling Grand Mosque that surrounds the Kaaba, Islam's holiest site, during the hajj ...and more »

All-seeing 'eye' watches over Mecca pilgrims - PRI

Under a bank of monitors broadcasting live footage from more than 5,000 cameras, Saudi officers have kept their eyes on every route and gathering spot at this year's Hajj pilgrimage. As custodians of the most sacred sites in Islam, the authorities have ...and more »

All-seeing 'eye' watches over Makkah pilgrims - Al-Arabiya

An aerial view shows of Muslim pilgrims from all around the world circling around the Kaaba at the Grand Mosque, in the Saudi city of Makkah (Photo: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP). By AFP, Mina, Saudi Arabia Tuesday, 13 September 2016. Text size A A A. Under a ...and more »

The Potential of Pilgrim Retail - The Business of Fashion

LONDON, United Kingdom — Each year, millions of pilgrims descend on Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Islam's most holy city, for the Hajj pilgrimage. This year's Hajj took place from 10 to 15 September, during which time authorities expected an influx of up to ...and more »

British ambassador to Saudi Arabia completes hajj after converting to Islam - The Guardian

A picture of Simon Collis in the traditional white robes worn by pilgrims during the hajj was posted on Twitter. Harriet Sherwood Religion correspondent. @harrietsherwood. Thu 15 Sep 2016 06.42 EDT Last modified on Thu 15 Sep 2016 07.13 EDT. Share on ...and more »

The British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Has Converted to Islam - TIME

The British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Simon Collis, has become the first high-ranking diplomat in the U.K. to convert to Islam and complete the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. News that Collis, 60, had converted to Islam came to light with pictures posted ...and more »

Hajj diary: 'I dread the crowds, the heat and the logistics' - Irish Times

Diaa Hadid, a correspondent in the Jerusalem bureau of the New York Times, completed her first pilgrimage to Mecca this week. She chronicles the experience here, beginning with an account her preparations. My father was on the phone from Australia, ...and more »

Saudi official warns Iran: Attack us at your own risk - Jerusalem Post Israel News

"If they are preparing an army to invade us, we are not easily taken by someone who would make war on us," Prince Khaled al-Faisal warns. By REUTERS. September 15, 2016 13:58. 1 minute read. > Khamenei: Saudi ties with Zionist regime a stab in the ...and more »