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Saudi Arabia: Dynasty coup and Trumps' bottomless basket - Ahlul Bayt News Agency: Providing Shia News (press release)

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Professors Gary Sick and Farhang Jahanpour took part in an online debate on Saudi Arabia's recent developments where both underlined the failure of Saudi Arabia's governing body. Gary Sick, former member of the US National ...and more »

Deposed Saudi Prince Is Said to Be Confined to Palace - New York Times

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The recently deposed crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Nayef, has been barred from leaving the kingdom and confined to his palace in the coastal city of Jidda, according to four current and former American officials and ...and more »

Deposed Saudi crown prince confined to palace - The Guardian

Saudi officials deny claims Mohammed bin Nayef is under house arrest while power transition takes effect. Martin Chulov in Beirut. Thu 29 Jun 2017 12.20 EDT First published on Thu 29 Jun 2017 06.14 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share via ...and more »

Saudi Arabia's New Crown Prince Is a Bumbling Hothead. Trump Needs to Treat Him Like One. - POLITICO Magazine

President Donald Trump, like a star-struck teenager, has been swooning over King Salman of Saudi Arabia and his 31-year-old son and new crown prince, Mohammad Bin Salman, known to U.S. diplomats as MBS. Since FDR, American presidents have ...and more »

Last week, Mohammed bin Nayef was Saudi Arabia's crown prince. Now he reportedly can't leave his palace. - The Week Magazine

Last week, through a series of decrees, Saudi King Salman promoted his favorite son, Mohammed bin Salman, to crown prince, demoting his nephew Mohammed bin Nayef, 57, who had been interior minister and counterterrorism czar as well as crown prince ...and more »

The Saudi-Qatar rift is pushing the Middle East towards a point of no return - Business Insider

REUTERS/Faisal Al Nasser Saudi King Salman's decision to appoint his son Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) as the new crown prince did not come as a surprise. For months, the power struggle between former crown prince Mohammed Bin Nayef (MBN) and ...and more »

Will Saudi Arabia's King Salman Abdicate? - Lawfare (blog)

Editor's Note: This piece originally appeared on Markaz. Last week, King Salman abd al Aziz al Saud fired his crown prince, Muhammad bin Nayef (MBN), and elevated his favorite son, Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS), to be the heir apparent. No king ...and more »

The World's Most Dangerous Man - Daily Reckoning

On June 19, Saudi Arabia reportedly captured three members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. A newsworthy story in its own right. But what the Saudis allege the three were doing is much bigger news. When captured, these three men were on-board one ...and more »

The Startling Rise of the Brash Young Man Who Would Be King of Saudi Arabia - TIME

Mohammed bin Salman, favored son of the Saudi King, has come a very long way in a very short time. His father, who only became King in 2015 at age 81, quickly named him Defense Minister and then deputy crown prince. He was given charge of Vision ...and more »

Saudi Arabia's Next King Moves to Secure Power By Confining Cousin to Palace - Newsweek

The Saudi prince removed as second-in-line to the throne last week, Mohammed bin Nayef, has been confined to his palace in the Red Sea city of Jeddah, according to officials. The move is reportedly a bid to ensure no challenge to his 31-year-old ...and more »