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First Day of Syria Peace Talks Quickly Descends Into Quarreling - New York Times

ASTANA, Kazakhstan — The first face-to-face meeting between Syrian rebel fighters and government officials in nearly six years of civil war ended abruptly on Monday when diplomatic talks quickly devolved into harsh words and competing accusations. The ...and more »

At Russia-led talks, Syrian rebels and government meet for the first time - Washington Post

ASTANA, Kazakhstan — Russian-backed peace talks aimed at ending the Syrian war brought rebels and the Syrian government face to face for the first time Monday, marking the launch of a new role for Russian President Vladimir Putin as a Middle East ...and more »

Syria peace talks: Armed groups come in from the cold - BBC News

There's a new venue, new brokers, and new negotiators, but can Syria talks here in Astana resolve the old intractable problems? "Everything has changed since Aleppo," says a Western diplomat who's been engaged on Syria for the past several years ...and more »

First day of Astana summit ends without breakthrough -

Government and rebel delegations trade barbs over details of shaky nationwide truce during first day of talks in Astana. by Dylan Collins & Zena Tahhan. 24 Jan 2017. First day of Astana summit ends without breakthrough. Jaafari referred to the rebel ...and more »

Russia in power-broking role as Syria peace talks begin in Astana - The Guardian

Representatives of the Assad regime and rebel groups assemble for Syria peace talks at Astana's Rixos President hotel on Monday. Photograph: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP/Getty Images. Indirect talks between Syrian rebel factions and government ...and more »

Russia signs deal to expand military presence in Syria - The Straits Times

The Chief of General Staff of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces, General Ali Abdullah Ayoub (centre), with the crew of Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov at Tartus earlier this month. The new Russian agreement with Syria provides for an ...and more »

Rebels focused on ceasefire at Astana peace talks -

Astana, Kazakhstan - Syrian opposition officials said they will not be discussing the future of President Bashar al-Assad during peace talks being held in Kazakhstan, and are instead focused on securing the current ceasefire. "No one has discussed this ...and more »

Iran becomes a major problem - Pravda

Following the strange story with the use of the military airfield in Iran's Hamadan, it has become clear that Russia should not trust Iran. The events of the recent years can only reinforce the impression. Russia and Iran have different approaches not ...and more »

Peace talks: How Iran and Russia may come to blows over Syria - Middle East Eye

Securing the Assad regime and preventing its collapse brought both Russia and Iran together in Syria. The division of tasks among the regime allies and their independence of one another allowed them to create a unified front both militarily and ...and more »

Syria talks set to begin in Astana as ceasefire holds -

The Astana meeting marks a distinct change from what has previously been a diplomatic process led by UN, say analysts. by Zena Tahhan & Dylan Collins. 22 Jan 2017. Astana, Kazakhstan - Key players in the war in Syria are due to meet on Monday in Astana ...and more »