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Found: Underwater Ruins Hidden off the Coast of Tunisia - Atlas Obscura

In the 4th century A.D., a Roman soldier and historian, Ammien Marcellin, recorded the fate of a coastal city in North Africa, Neapolis. Not many Roman historians bothered with Neapolis, after the city sided with Carthage in the third Punic War, in the ...and more »

'Tsunami-sunk' Roman ruins discovered in Tunisia - Hurriyet Daily News

Vast underwater Roman ruins have been discovered off northeast Tunisia, apparently confirming a theory that the city of Neapolis was partly submerged by a tsunami in the 4th century AD. “It's a major discovery,” Mounir Fantar, the head of a Tunisian ...and more »

Roman "underwater ruins" discovered in Tunisia - africanews

Twenty hectares of the remains of Roman ruins under the sea have been discovered in Nabeul, Tunisia by a joint team of experts from the National Heritage Institute of Tunisia and the University of Sassari-Oristano in Italy. AdChoices. ADVERTISING.and more »

Underwater ruins of lost Roman city discovered in Tunisia - The Independent

A vast 1,700 year old Roman settlement has been discovered off the coast of Tunisia after several years of archaeological exploration in search of the ancient city of Neapolis. Neapolis is believed to have been submerged after a tsunami in the 4th ...and more »

Long-lost Roman city of Neapolis discovered off Tunisia (PHOTOS) - RT

Ruins of the ancient Roman settlement Neapolis have reportedly been discovered submerged off the coast of Tunisia, giving further credibility to historical accounts that it was wiped from the map by a massive tsunami. The underwater city was found near ...and more »

Underwater ruins from lost Roman city reveal the TSUNAMI that devastated Mediterranean region 1600 years ago - Daily Mail

Find confirms the Roman city of Neapolis was hit by a tsunami around 365 AD; Around 100 tanks used to produce the salty fish condiment 'garum' were found; The underwater expedition also uncovered signs of streets and monuments; Neapolis, which ...and more »

Ancient Rome: Sunken City Devastated by a Tsunami 1600 Years Ago Discovered off Tunisian Coast - Newsweek

Archaeologists have found a massive complex of underwater ruins off the northeastern coast of Tunisia, proving that an ancient Roman city that once stood there was devastated by a tsunami 1,600 years ago and was partially lost beneath the waves.and more »

Long-Lost Roman City Found Underwater Confirms Theory Ancient Tsunami Swallowed It - IFLScience

A long-lost Roman city has been found in the waters of northeast Tunisia, along with dozens of ancient fish sauce containers, confirming the old theory that the settlement was swallowed up by a colossal tsunami 1,600 years ago. A new archaeological ...and more »

Sunk by a Tsunami, Underwater Archaeologists Finally Find the Ruins of the Roman City Neapolis - Ancient Origins

After almost a decade of searching, the ruins of the city of Neapolis have finally been located. Based on their finds so far, researchers have confirmed that a tsunami hit the area in the 4th century AD. They have also decided the city likely held a ...and more »

Underwater Roman City Relics in Tunisia Confirm Existence of Tsunami 365 AD - Face2Face Africa

A team of archaeologists has unearthed vast underwater ruins of an ancient Roman city in the coastal Tunisian town Nabeul. The ruins, which were discovered this week in northeastern Tunisia, are said to belong to an old city that was destroyed by a ...and more »