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Fighting in Afghanistan: 'You have the watches. We have the time' -

Donald Trump has now officially made Afghanistan his war. How ironic. The man who portrays himself as the great isolationist, who threatens to build walls around the U.S. both literally and, in the case of trade, figuratively, is proving to be all ...and more »

Donald Trump's threats will mean little to Pakistan - Hindustan Times

Donald Trump's stinging criticism of Pakistan, rebuking the country for providing safe havens to terrorists and demanding immediate change, has, understandably, gladdened hearts in New Delhi, but what are the chances this American president will ...and more »

Trump's Afghanistan Strategy Could Actually Work - Foreign Policy (blog)

While I support President Donald Trump's decision last week to recommit the United States to the war in Afghanistan, it's not hard to understand why — 16 years on — people are cynical that the addition of several thousand more U.S. and NATO troops ...and more »

A timely history lesson - The Hindu

A gripping, sad and agitating account of America's approach to South Asia in the decades preceding 9/11 and the rise of Taliban. In the torrent of expert opinions on President Donald Trump's new South Asia policy in recent days, the history of America ...and more »

Aid and Advice Won't Be Enough for Afghanistan - The National Interest Online

Donald Trump's long-awaited speech on Afghanistan has been rightly criticized for its failure to define a clear objective for sustained U.S. commitment to the country and its recitation of the same interim goals of preventing a Taliban takeover and ...and more »

Responsible Countries Take Terrorists Down: US Defense Secretary On Pakistan - NDTV

Washington: The United States intends to work with Pakistan in fighting terrorism, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has said, underlining that any responsible nation would want to do that. The relations between the two countries have been strained lately ...and more »

Ghani Delivers Eid Message, Gives Another Chance To Militants - TOLOnews

President Ashraf Ghani said the Afghan government is ready for “comprehensive political talks with Pakistan”. Addressing political elites and journalists at the Presidential Palace on Friday, President Ashraf Ghani said it is the time for anti ...and more »

US seeks to placate Pakistan anger over Trump's diatribe - The Express Tribune

ISLAMABAD: The United States on Thursday launched a diplomatic push to pacify growing resentment in Pakistan over its new strategy for Afghanistan, saying that President Donald Trump did not blame Pakistan for the failure in Afghanistan. The Trump ...and more »

Part II: The Case Against Involvement in Afghanistan - Lawfare (blog)

In my previous essay, I laid out arguments for continued involvement in Afghanistan. In this essay, I present the opposing view. The Case Against Involvement. The case for involvement prioritizes future risk; the case against involvement focuses on the ...and more »

$225 Million Aid to Pakistan Comes With Conditions - TOLOnews

The United States has decided not to hand over $225 million USD to Islamabad as long as Pakistan does not destroy Afghan insurgent safe havens in Pakistan, US Foreign Ministry said. Voice of America reported that US officials said on Friday that as ...and more »