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Reality check: Almost fifty years of occupation - B'Tselem

A year from now, Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip will mark its fiftieth anniversary. A third, even fourth, generation of Palestinians and Israelis have been born into this reality, and it is the only one they know. Given what has ...and more »

How Israel justifies increased arrest rate of Palestinians - Al-Monitor

The number of Palestinians in Israeli jails has increased as detainees are accused of incitement against Israel on social media. REUTERS/Ammar Awad. Palestinian women argue with an Israeli border policeman at Qalandia checkpoint near the West Bank city ...and more »

The multilateral nature of the conference is a Palestinian strategic victory, marking another step toward the ... - Tablet Magazine

Israeli intransigence, in combination with lingering frustration at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' perceived refusal to engage on U.S. proposals back in March 2014, has caused the Obama Administration to make a significant analytical shift toward ...and more »

Obama's November surprise for Israel? - Jerusalem Post Israel News

I am confident the Samantha Power I know will stand with Israel. Her legacy and the security of the Jewish state depends on it. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. US President Barack Obama delivers his final State of the Union address to a joint ...and more »

Middle Israel: The seventh day - Jerusalem Post Israel News

As it enters its 50th anniversary year, the Six Day War looms, for better and worse, as the most pivotal moment in the state's history. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Settler Refael Morris stands at an observation point overlooking the West Bank ...and more »

Why don't you share all the good things about Israel? - Mondoweiss

A few days ago, a very good Palestinian friend of mine shared a post on Facebook, about Israeli Skinheads. It referred to activists of the fascist Kahane Hai movement. Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was convicted in 1971 for a terrorist bomb-plot of the Jewish ...and more »

Thousands attend memorial for Ethiopian Jews who died on the way to Israel - Jerusalem Post Israel News

Thousands journeyed from across the country this year for the morning ceremonies where political leaders and Ethiopian Jewish dignitaries gave blessings and speeches. 2 minute read. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Netanyahu at a memorial ceremony ...and more »

The French peace initiative 'emptied of all substance' -

Amman - The news emanating from Paris on Friday 3 June was dominated by reports about the Seine River flooding and closure of the Louvre Museum rather than the international meeting convened by the French government to discuss Israeli-Palestinian peace ...and more »

PHOTOS: Nationalist Jewish-Israelis march through Jerusalem's Muslim Quarter - +972 Magazine

The Jerusalem Day march, marking the 'reunification' of the city under Israeli sovereignty, has more to do with domination over Palestinians than celebration. Photos by Oren Ziv/ Text by +972 Magazine Staff. Nationalist Jewish Israelis ...and more »

Israeli General Lays Out New Security Plan as Way to Peace With Palestinians - Haaretz

$content.imgAlt.value. Home > Israel News. Israeli General Lays Out New Security Plan as Way to Peace With Palestinians. Multi-layered security plan includes phased redeployment of Israeli troops and can create more incentives for peace while ...and more »