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Watch This Underground Water Pipe Explode and Destroy a City Street - The Drive

What happens when you test a water main that hasn't been used in 37 years? Nothing good. By Kyle CheromchaMay 30, 2017. Infrastructure · explosion · Fail · Infrastructure · Ukraine. YouTube | LiveLeak 2017. SHARE. Kyle CheromchaView Kyle Cheromcha's ...and more »

Watch the moment a high-pressure water pipe explodes leaving a six-square-metre hole in the ground - Business Insider UK

CCTV captured the moment a high-pressure underground water pipe exploded in Ukraine, leaving a huge crater in the ground. In the video, tarmac is seen flying everywhere as the water pressure becomes too great. The explosion happened in Ukraine's ...and more »

Moment underground water pipe explodes through the soil and leaves a GIANT six 64ft crater in the ground - Daily Mail

This is the moment an underground water pipe exploded, sending rocks and soil flying and damaging nearby cars and buildings. The huge bulge of soil exploded into the air after a high-pressure water pipe burst in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev on ...and more »

Underground water pipe explodes in Kyiv - euronews

CCTV cameras captured a massive explosion of an underground water pipe on Monday (May 29) in Ukraine's сapital Kyiv. Video obtained by local 1+1 TV channel showed the ground shaking followed by a dramatic burst and a flood of sludge. Local media ...and more »

Water Pipe Blows Massive Bubble Underground Before Exploding - Thrillist

The wonder-inducing moment a water main exploded was captured on CCTV in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. The exploding pipe left a 64-foot crater in its wake. The high-pressure underground water pipe used to carry scalding hot water burst on Monday. The ...and more »

Water pipe explosion sends huge bulge of soil and concrete flying in Ukraine -

A high-pressure water pipe explosion has sent a huge bulge of soil and torn-to-pieces concrete flying in Ukraine's capital Kiev. The spectacular explosion left a six square-metre hole in the ground and cars and nearby buildings damaged, the Daily Mail ...and more »

Huge water blast shoots from underground as pipe collapses in Kiev (VIDEO) - RT

The rupture of a water pipe in the Ukrainian capital resulted in a spectacular burst from underground, with a water jet reaching seven stories high, according to local media. The rupture of a water pipe in the Ukrainian capital resulted in a ...and more »

Ukraine water pipe explodes, surveillance camera catches it all - KRQE News 13

KIEV, Ukraine (KRQE) – Luckily no one is hurt Wednesday morning after this incredible scene in Kiev after an underground pipe suddenly bursts. The massive, underground water main explosion was caught by surveillance cameras at the precise moment it ...and more »

Watch incredible moment water pipe explodes after inflating carpark surface like a balloon - South China Morning Post

Surveillance video has captured the incredible moment that a water main burst in Kiev, Ukraine, with such force that it inflated the asphalt surface of a carpark like a balloon, before erupting on a fountain of mud and debris. The CCTV footage shot on ...and more »

Pipeline Explodes In Ukraine, Rains Down Debris On Nearby Cars - Carscoops

We get it. You really dislike ads. Here's an idea; how about supporting Carscoops by sharing our content on social media channels like Facebook , Reddit and Twitter? A handful of cars in the Ukraine were treated to a free mud and debris bath after a ...and more »