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Mattis Discloses Part of Afghanistan Battle Plan, but It Hasn't Yet Been Carried Out - New York Times

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, normally reluctant to speak publicly about American troops deployed around the globe, took a different tack this week on Capitol Hill. Pressed by lawmakers, including Senator John McCain, Republican of ...and more »

Afghans on US troop increase: 'Will it make us safer?' -

In August, US President Donald Trump announced a plan to boost US troops presence in Afghanistan, raising the number of soldiers from 8,400 to 11,000. As part of the new strategy under the Trump administration, the US military will also train and ...and more »

Afghanistan: Another Victory for Tehran? - Lawfare (blog)

Editor's Note: Iran's support for Syria, presence in Iraq, and enmity toward Irael and U.S. Arab allies is the focus of most U.S. attention. Afghanistan, where Iran plays a major role, is often neglected. As the Trump administration weighs its options ...and more »

Taliban chief attempting for cease fire with ISIS group - Khaama Press (press release) (blog)

The Taliban supreme leader Mullah Hebatullah Akhundzada has reportedly started efforts to end the conflict with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group. A source in South of Afghanistan privy of the development has said the leader of ...and more »

'Leave our country': Protesters in Afghanistan gather to decry 'US, NATO occupation' - RAWA News

“We can't bear occupation anymore,” a member of the Solidarity Party told Ruptly, adding that “every day we witness them (US and NATO) bombing our cities and thousands of innocent people are killed.” Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) held a protest ...and more »

1 killed, 11 injured as several rockets land near Kabul airport - RAWA News

The Taliban fired several rockets at the Kabul international airport on Wednesday in an attack the insurgents claimed targeted the plane of visiting US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. An Afghan woman was killed and 11 other civilians were wounded in ...and more »

The war in Afghanistan messed with my head. Here's how I found peace — and hope. - Washington Post

The longest war in American history turns 16 years old Saturday — the anniversary of the first deployment of elite special operators to Afghanistan just weeks after the worst terrorist attack in our nation's history. Back then our mission was clear ...and more »

16 years after US invasion, Afghanistan at a crossroads - Arab News

Sixteen years after the US-led invasion, and the beginning of America's longest war, Afghanistan stands at a critical crossroads. While fragile gains have been made since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, the nation still faces a daunting array of ...and more »

America's inevitable war is now an invisible one - CNN

Michael Kugelman is deputy director and senior associate for South Asia with the Asia Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center. The views expressed here are his own. (CNN) Sixteen years ago this Saturday, US troops entered Afghanistan. The decision to ...and more »

Why provoke Pakistan? - Times of India (blog)

The air chief waxes eloquent about taking out Pakistan's nukes. Even the tactical ones–the Nasrs–spread across hundreds of field commanders. How are his planes going to do that? Pakistan's nukes are its crown jewels. Until 1971, the country was full of ...and more »