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Tony Blair announces his return to politics - and hints at starting a new anti-Brexit movement -

The Brexit vote has brought many unintended side effects - one of which is Tony Blair's return to politics, 20 years after he won a landslide general election. As we head towards another of those - but this time with a Conservative government poised to ...and more »

Labour pledges to end zero-hours contracts and unpaid internships in 20-point plan to tackle 'rigged economy' - The Independent

The Labour Party will end zero-hours contracts and unpaid internships if they win the general election, leader Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell have announced. The public sector pay cap which has left workers facing a £1700 drop in ...and more »

Labour party pledges to outlaw all zero-hours contracts - The Guardian

Labour has pledged to ban all zero-hours contracts, put a halt to unpaid internships and end the pay cap on public sector staff in an unashamedly leftwing pitch to British workers. Guardian Today: the headlines, the analysis, the debate - sent direct ...and more »

Labour will put 10000 extra police on streets, vows Jeremy Corbyn - The Guardian

Police officers in the City of London. Corbyn's speech will attack 'unacceptable' cuts to policing under the Tories. Photograph: Graham Barclay/Bloomberg News. Labour has pledgedto put 10,000 additional police on to the streets of England and Wales in ...and more »

Tony Blair Urges UK to Stay Centered, and Close to Europe - New York Times

Two decades after Tony Blair swept to power in a landslide victory to become prime minister of Britain, his brand of centrist, pro-European politics seems a distant memory in a divided country that has now voted to leave the European Union. But as the ...and more »

'What's happening in Britain worries me': Tony Blair reveals why he's returning to politics 20 years after 1997 victory -

Twenty years ago today Britain celebrated an election victory which brought the sparkling hope of New Labour and the youngest Prime Minister in a century. It seemed anything was possible and, as the soundtrack to the party's election campaign promised ...and more »

After hard-left turn under Jeremy Corbyn, Britain's Labour Party on course for historic defeat - Washington Post

LONDON — In 2015, Britain's Labour Party tacked to the left, repudiating the middle-way philosophy that had won it three elections under Tony Blair. Voters responded by handing the party its worst defeat in three decades. Rather than scramble back ...and more »

The Guardian view on the 1997 Labour landslide: not what it seemed - The Guardian

New Labour was a product of its time. History may judge it more kindly than many of today's critics. Sun 30 Apr 2017 14.09 EDT Last modified on Mon 27 Nov 2017 20.04 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share via Email; View more sharing options ...and more »

Tony Blair's comeback: 'I want to be part of the debate' - Sky News

Twenty years since New Labour's victory, Mr Blair tells Sky News of his fears that the centre-ground is being "squeezed out". 18:38, UK, Monday 01 May 2017. Tony Blair is congratulated after the Labour Party wins the 1997 election. Video: Tony Blair ...and more »

Jeremy Corbyn bats aside Tony Blair's comeback bid saying 'I'm leading this party' -

Jeremy Corbyn batted aside Tony Blair's comeback bid today declaring: "I'm leading this party." The Labour leader spoke to reporters during a campaign visit on his new housing policy after the ex-PM said he would "get his hands dirty" with a return to ...and more »