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Apple aims to up its AI smarts with iCloud user data in iOS 10.3 - TechCrunch

The next version of Apple's mobile platform will include an opt-in for iOS users to share their iCloud data in order to help the company improve software products, such as its voice-powered virtual assistant, Siri. The iOS 10.3 beta was released ...and more »

iOS 10.3 Has Secret Floating Keyboards For The iPad: Here's What They Look Like - Tech Times

Once iOS 10.3 rolls out, iPad users will have a system that contains secret keyboards that Apple seems to be bent on hiding at this point. This was according to developers who have discovered the feature in the newly released beta version. So far, at ...and more »

iOS 10.3 Brings WiFi Calling For Verizon iCloud Devices - Ubergizmo

verizon-wifi-icloud Just yesterday Apple started to seed the iOS 10.3 to developers. The update will bring about quite a number of changes, such as changes to the file system as well as a “Find my AirPods” feature. It turns out that's not all because ...and more »

Apple iOS 10.3 beta 1 packs a wallop; iOS 11 rumors heat up - Network World

The flashy projected features of the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X?) are dominating the Apple rumor mill of late, but let's not overlook the iOS software on the inside. Developers this week gained access to iOS 10.3 beta 1, even as iOS 11 rumors heated up. If ...and more »

Apple Airpods Review: Are they any good? - Sound Guys

If you're looking to just listen to music, the Airpods are a good choice since the connection never drops. Just don't expect to get a great sound experience and be prepared to lose at least one. 7.3. SCORE. Rating. 6.8. SCORE. User Rating. (116 Ratings ...and more »

Apple's 'differential privacy' policy invoked for opt-in iCloud data analysis in iOS 10.3 - AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

Apple's upcoming iOS 10.3 update will include an opt-in for collecting data from iCloud accounts, which will in turn be used to improve "intelligent features and services such as Siri," according to people testing the current beta. Analysis of the data ...and more »

iOS 10.3 beta to let users share iCloud data to advance Apple AI - The Tech Portal

Released to developers a few days ago, iOS 10.3 is the third major update to the iOS 10 operating system. And looks like it packs a wallop. In a bid to personalize it's offerings and incorporate machine learning into it's apps and services, Apple has ...and more »

iOS 11 Could Bring the Long-Awaited 'Group Calling' Feature to FaceTime, Questionable New Rumor Suggests - iDrop News

Take this one with a heaping dose of sodium chloride, folks, but a sketchy new rumor that surfaced early Wednesday morning alleges that Apple could be gearing up to release the highly-requested FaceTime group calling feature as part of the forthcoming ...and more »

Apple Releases First iOS 10.3 Public Beta With Find My AirPods Feature - Mac Rumors

Apple today seeded the first beta of an upcoming iOS 10.3 update to public beta testers for testing purposes, more than a month after releasing iOS 10.2 and two days after providing the iOS 10.3 beta to developers. Beta testers who have signed up for ...and more »

How iOS 10.3 beta shows Apple's increasing India focus - PCMag India

The last few quarters have made it quite clear that Apple needs to focus on India as its sales are slowing down in China and it has hit a plateau of sorts with the iPhone sales in developed markets like the US. In the last year or so, Apple has tried ...and more »