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'Dishonored 2' Launch Trailer Shows Exactly How I Won't Play the Game - TIME

The miraculous thing about the original Dishonored, studio Arkane's bleak first-person prowler, is that you can finish it without offing a soul. There's an achievement for doing so, in fact. I'm not saying it's a cakewalk, but therein lies the allure ...and more »

'Dishonored 2' Launch Trailer Builds Hype Before Friday Release - Tom's Hardware

Dishonored 2 comes out on Friday, and as a final effort to get players excited about the game, Bethesda released the game's launch trailer. The trailer focuses on Emily Kaldwin, one of the game's two protagonists. To Emily, the world seems happy and ...and more »

Dishonored 2: PC graphics performance benchmark review - PC VGA Graphics card guide - (press release)

We will look at Dishonored 2 in a PC graphics performance and PC gamer way. We'll test the game on the PC platform relative towards graphics card performance with the latest AMD/NVIDIA graphics card drivers. Multiple graphics cards are being tested and ...and more »

Five Hours In, Dishonored 2 Is Pretty Fun - Kotaku

I spent all of yesterday creeping through the shadows and stabbing people in the back in Dishonored 2. It's a damn fine stealth game. Here are some early thoughts on what works and what doesn't. 1. The stealth gameplay has improved. The first ...and more »

Dishonored 2 Review - Attack of the Fanboy

Arkane Studios' 2012 freshman entry of Dishonored took many by surprise. It was a game that combined first-person combat, stealthy play-as-you-wish gameplay, supernatural abilities, beautiful artwork and a cohesive story to rocket it to the top of many ...and more »

Dishonored 2 has performance issues on PC, Arkane investigating - Polygon

Arkane Studios, the developer behind Dishonored 2, is currently investigating reports of major performance issues facing players on Windows PC. Co-creative director of the studio, Harvey Smith, tweeted that they were aware of the complaints PC users ...and more »

Dishonored 2 Errors, FPS Fix, Loading, Crashes, Poor Performance, Stuttering and Fixes - SegmentNext

Bethesda has officially mentioned some generic troubleshooting for the major issues being faced by Dishonored 2 so it's recommended that you check them out first before trying other workarounds. Windows Ready Dishonored 2 was tested against the latest ...and more »

How to pick between Emily and Corvo in Dishonored 2 - PC Gamer

We help choose between playing the shadowy sling-shotting Spider-Woman and an aged, experienced assassin. Comments. Shares. More Dishonored 2. Which Dishonored ending is canon in Dishonored 2 · Balancing art direction and level design in Dishonored 2 ...and more »

Dishonored 2 – Everything You Need to Know - PlayStation LifeStyle

The last two weeks have been about first-person shooters, first with Titanfall 2 and then with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This week is all about Dishonored 2, choosing between playing as either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano, and choosing how much ...and more »

3D Printed Bone Runes for Dishonored 2 IRL - 3D Printing Industry

Dishonored 2 is a videogame created by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda, it will be released later this week. The plot sees the player immersed in a world of assassins, supernatural Outsiders and intrigue. According to game mythology, the ...and more »