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Business as usual in Brussels despite Dutch 'no' to Ukraine -

The Dutch 'no' vote in Wednesday's referendum on the EU's treaty with Ukraine will have no impact on the implementation of the agreement, a spokesman for the European Commission told broadcaster Nos. The treaty has already been signed and ...and more »

Dutch EU no vote has worrying lessons for anti-Brexit campaign - The Guardian

Referendum on EU/Ukraine treaty brought Eurosceptics out to voice their discontent but pro-EU voters stayed at home. Jennifer Rankin in Brussels. Thu 7 Apr 2016 07.34 EDT Last modified on Wed 14 Feb 2018 11.14 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on ...and more »

Dutch referendum voters overwhelmingly reject closer EU links to Ukraine - The Guardian

Two-thirds of voters oppose political, trade and defence treaty, showing strength of Eurosceptic feeling in the Netherlands. Reuters in Amsterdam. Thu 7 Apr 2016 05.24 EDT First published on Wed 6 Apr 2016 18.33 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share on ...and more »

Dutch Referendum Rejects Trade Deal Between EU and Ukraine - New York Times

LONDON — Voters in a Dutch referendum on Wednesday overwhelmingly rejected a trade and cooperation agreement between the European Union and Ukraine, casting doubt over the future of the accord and delivering a new blow to supporters of ...and more »

Ukraine has been part of Europe for nearly a millennium. - Washington Post

Ukraine is once again at the center of European discussion. On April 6, in a nonbinding referendum, Dutch citizens voted by 61 percent to reject the E.U.-Ukraine Association Agreement. All 27 other E.U. members already have approved it. This is the ...and more »

Dutch vote knocks hopes for further EU enlargement to the east - Financial Times

When a Malaysia Airlines jet was shot down over eastern Ukraine in 2014 killing 196 Dutch citizens — almost certainly by a missile fired by Russian-backed separatists — the tragedy hardened views towards Moscow in the Netherlands and across Europe.and more »

Netherlands rejects EU-Ukraine partnership deal - BBC News

Voters in the Netherlands have rejected in a referendum an EU partnership deal to remove trade barriers with Ukraine. Turnout was low, 32.2%, but above the 30% threshold for the vote to be valid. The deal was rejected by 61.1% of votes, compared with ...and more »

Turnout 'below validity threshold' in Dutch referendum - The Guardian

Polls on eve of non-binding vote give the no campaign slight edge, which could pose a headache for EU ahead of UK referendum. Agencies in The Hague. Wed 6 Apr 2016 03.53 EDT Last modified on Sun 26 Mar 2017 09.00 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share ...and more »

This Dutch referendum spells trouble for Europe - The Guardian

Almost two-thirds of voters in the Netherlands rejected closer EU links with Ukraine. The result will only boost anti-EU campaigns both there and in Britain. Fri 8 Apr 2016 06.19 EDT Last modified on Sun 26 Mar 2017 09.00 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share ...and more »

Dutch popular rejection of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement: a self-inflicted wound - Open Democracy

For everybody who knows a bit about the EU, the nationwide, expensive and low-turnout Dutch plebiscite on this EU-Ukraine contract looks in itself rather odd. Ukrainian students gather in Kiev to back Ukraine's cause in Dutch referendum, April5,2016 ...and more »