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Labour plants a firmer foothold in the shifting sands of Brexit Britain - The Conversation UK

The impact of the Brexit vote may finally be losing its chokehold on the two-party duoply of British politics. The Labour Party has now called for a transitional period after Britain leaves the EU in March 2019, during which it argues single market and ...and more »

Labour Faces the Need to Reconcile With Working Class Brexit Supporters - Chatham House

The party's price for remaining electorally relevant is giving up on the liberal internationalist aims of a united Europe and open borders. Matthew Goodwin. Professor Matthew Goodwin. Visiting Senior Fellow, Europe Programme. Twitter · 2017-08-30-Starmer.and more »

Emmanuel Macron rejects British plan to bypass EU Brexit negotiators - The Independent

The French president has personally rejected a reported British plan to bypass the EU's official Brexit negotiators and hold trade talks directly with member states. Emmanuel Macron said European Commission chief negotiator Michel Barnier was the only ...and more »

Will Brexit Lead to a 'Brexodus'? - The Atlantic

When Britons voted to leave the European Union last year, they did so in part so they could have more control over European immigration into the United Kingdom—giving them the power to decide who can come live and study and in the U.K., and who can't.and more »

EU Parliament Brexit negotiator: Britain's demands are 'not serious, fair or even possible' - Markets Insider

EU parliament's chief negotiator attacks Britain's "not serious fair, or even possible" Brexit proposals. Former Belgian PM accuses UK of seeking all the benefits of EU membership, while still leaving. Verhofstadt derides UK claims of EU inflexibility.and more »

It is extraordinary that Theresa May wants to take her botched record to the betrayed British electorate in 2022 - The Independent

With a certain hauteur that we are, unhappily, becoming used to, the European Union's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has delivered his verdict on the Brexit talks thus far. In three words (in translation) he tried to shake the British out of their ...and more »

Britain has a far stronger hand in the Brexit talks than some people think -

The behaviour of EU officials during the Brexit talks only validates the vote to leave. Britain's approach is flexible and rational: tie any financial settlement to a free-trade deal that benefits us all. Europe prefers melodrama. It says that Britain ...and more »

I warned Jeremy Corbyn about Brexit - now Labour must regain its radicalism - New Statesman

From the beginning of my conversations on Brexit with the Labour leadership, I advocated a “radical Remain” stance: the UK should be for the EU, but not this EU. The labour movement in Britain and elsewhere has been critical of the operations of the ...and more »

Brexit talks round 3 — what we learned -

The third round of official Brexit talks left the two sides miles apart on the major issues. The U.K.'s Brexit Secretary David Davis described the talks as “high stress” but “productive,” while his EU counterpart Michel Barnier observed, “we haven't ...and more »

Talks on Brexit Slowed Over Trade, Border Issues - Voice of America

British and EU officials say they are “deadlocked” after four days of negotiations on Britain's exit from Europe, known as “Brexit.” The two sides appear to disagree on which parts of Brexit should be negotiated first. EU officials unclear on the ...and more »