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Exclusive: EgyptAir Co-Pilot on His Ordeal Alone With Hijacker - Newsweek

On the morning of Tuesday, March 29, Hamad el Kaddah woke up and ate a quick breakfast before leaving his hotel for the Borg El Arab Airport in Alexandria, Egypt. It was an unexceptional morning for the EgyptAir pilot, who has made this journey ...and more »

EgyptAir hijack: Ex-wife of suspect Seif Eldin Mustafa says their marriage was 'the darkest chapter' of her life - The Independent

The ex-wife of the man suspected of hijacking an EgyptAir flight has described their marriage as the “darkest chapter” of her life. In an interview published in Cypriot newspaper Phileleftheros, Marina Paraschou rejected the idea that Seif Eldin ...and more »

EgyptAir hijack: Air stewardess also took 'selfie' with suspect Seif Eldin Mustafa - The Independent

A second 'selfie' taken with the man suspected of hijacking an EgyptAir flight has emerged on social media. The image appears to show an air stewardess posing next to 59-year-old Seif Eldin Mustafa while he is wearing what is now known to be a fake ...and more »

The Real Story Behind the EgyptAir Hijacker Photos - Newsweek

The co-pilot of the EgyptAir flight hijacked on Tuesday has revealed the true reasons behind an air stewardess's decision to pose for a smiley picture with the hijacker of flight MS181, Seif al-Din Mustafa. The flight crew was forced to divert the ...and more »

EgyptAir hijacker's ex-wife says he is 'extremely dangerous' - The Guardian

The hijacking of an EgyptAir plane earlier this week was not the action of a man blinded by love but “a very dangerous” person prone to acts of domestic violence and drug abuse, his Cypriot ex-wife has said. Speaking for the first time since her former ...and more »

CCTV appears to show EgyptAir hijacker at airport security – video - The Guardian

CCTV footage appears to show the hijacker of an EgyptAir plane, walking through airport security in Alexandria before boarding the plane. The footage, released by the Egyptian interior ministry, shows people manning a luggage x-ray machine before a ...and more »

British passenger took a cheeky picture with the EgyptAir hijacker -

A passenger from the hijacked EgyptAir flight who had the cheek to take a photograph with his captor is a 26-year-old British man from Leeds, it has emerged. Benjamin Innes was one of the last captives to be released by Seif al-Din Mustafa during ...and more »

Video shows moment British hostage posed for photo with EgyptAir hijacker - The Independent

A video has emerged that appears to show the moment British hostage Ben Innes posed for a photograph with the EgyptAir hijacker. The image, described erroneously by the 26-year-old health and safety auditor as “the best selfie ever”, has been widely ...and more »

This is the woman a man hijacked a plane for - New York Post

This chubby-cheeked young bride is the woman a lovesick hijacker wanted to win back when he threatened to blow up an EgyptAir flight this week. Pictures of the couple on their wedding day in 1985 emerged Thursday, with a confident Seif Eldin Mustafa ...and more »

People are upset about the Cypriot president's comments about women - Metro

That's women, always inciting hostage situations — Ellen Coyne (@ellenmcoyne) March 29, 2016. When asked if a woman was involved, Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades said “There is always a woman involved.and more »