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Fast & Furious-style heist sees €500000 haul of iPhones stolen from moving truck on highway - International Business Times UK

Gang of five Romanian men allegedly used a modified van to pull alongside and steal the cargo. Alistair Charlton. By Alistair Charlton. July 31, 2017 14:54 BST. iPhone boxes Fast & FuriOS: Hundreds of iPhones worth €500,000 were stolen from the moving ...and more »

Dutch police bust daredevil iPhone heist gang stealing from moving trucks - Deutsche Welle

The men are believed to have been stealing iPhones from moving trucks on highways in the Netherlands and other European countries for several years. The group could be involved in as many as 17 such heists. iPhone 7 (Getty Images/AFP/J. Taylor). Dutch ...and more »

Real life Fast and Furious: iPhones worth £450k stolen from moving truck - The Guardian

Boxes of iPhones worth €500,000 were stolen from a moving delivery truck in the Netherlands, police say. Photograph: Anton Novoderezhkin/TASS. Dutch police have arrested five men suspected of stealing €500,000 (£448,000) of iPhones in a dangerous late ...and more »

iPhones stolen from moving truck in late-night heist - Irish Times

Dutch police have arrested five men suspected of stealing €500,000 worth of iPhones from a moving truck in a dangerous late-night heist. Dutch police said the five men, aged from 33 to 43 and all from Romania, allegedly raided a delivery truck full of ...and more »

Romanian gang arrested for stealing $590000 in Apple iPhones from a moving truck - AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

Police in the Netherlands have arrested a gang of Romanian thieves suspected of stealing iPhones worth 500,000 euros ($590,000), with the gang said to have used a high-risk technique of breaking into the back door of delivery trucks while they were ...and more »

Insane highway heist netted $590000 in iPhones and lifelong fame - BGR

Police have arrested a group of Romanian stunt thieves/up-and-coming Oceans scriptwriters in a hideout in the Netherlands. Dutch police found $590,000 worth of iPhones that they claim were stolen off the back of a moving truck while it was going down a ...and more »

iPhone thieves 'used van to rob moving truck' - BBC News

Five Romanian men have been arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of stealing iPhones worth 500,000 euros ($590,000; £447,430) from a moving truck. They allegedly tailgated the vehicle before one of them climbed onto the bonnet of their van and ...and more »

Dutch police catch Romanian gang suspected in truck cargo robberies - NL Times

After over two years of investigation, the Dutch police arrested a group of Romanians suspected of stealing the cargo of at least 17 trucks while the trucks were on the move. The robberies started in early 2015. A number of arrests were made over the ...and more »

Criminal gang act like they're in 'The Fast and the Furious' while stealing iPhones from moving truck - Mashable

It sometimes feels like the world is driven by iPhone lust. But would you ever imagine people so thirsty for iPhones that they're willing to break into a moving vehicle to steal them? That's exactly what a group of five motivated thieves did to an ...and more »

Dutch Police Bust Gang That Allegedly Snatched iPhones From Moving Trucks - NPR

Following a heist that's being compared to something out of a Fast & Furious film, Dutch police have arrested five men who allegedly snatched $600,000 worth of iPhones from a moving truck. And, police say it probably wasn't their first big job. Police ...and more »