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What is irradiated beef and is it healthy? -

WATCH: Health Canada say irradiation will improve the safety of beef products, but what exactly is irradiated beef? X. - A A +. Listen. Health Canada announced its seeking regulatory changes that would allow for the sale of irradiated ground beef on ...and more »

Health Canada to propose allowing irradiated ground beef to be sold - CTV News

EDMONTON -- Health Canada will propose regulatory changes to Food and Drug Regulations next month that would allow the sale of irradiated ground beef in Canada. A page on the department's website states the proposed amendments would add fresh ...and more »

Why Health Canada's Move to Sell 'Irradiated Beef' Is a Great Idea - Motherboard

It's barbecue season, and Canadians might soon be flipping burgers that have been bathed in radiation before they hit the grill. Health Canada is preparing to propose regulatory changes that, if they go forward, will allow the sale of "irradiated ...and more »

FAQs: The foods irradiated in Canada and the safety issues -

On Monday, Health Canada announced it will soon propose regulations to permit adding ground beef to the short list of foods that may be irradiated and sold in Canada. When Health Canada proposed doing this in 2002, it abandoned the plans, "due to ...and more »

Food irradiation: What is it and is it safe? - CTV News

Studied and used for more than 50 years now, irradiation is nothing new, but then neither is the debate about it. Irradiation has been used to sterilize medical and hospital supplies, food packaging materials and cosmetics ingredients for years, but it ...and more »

Irradiated ground beef may be on its way. Here's what that means - The Globe and Mail

In an effort to improve food safety, Health Canada is seeking changes to food and drug regulations that would allow irradiated ground beef to be sold in grocery stores across the country. If it succeeds, ground beef won't be the first food permitted to ...and more »

Canada considers irradiating ground beef - Yahoo News

Ottawa (AFP) - Canada is considering allowing the irradiation of raw ground beef in order to kill E. coli, salmonella and other dangerous bacteria, according to the health ministry. The proposal will likely be announced in June, or at the latest by ...and more »