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NATO builds on its support for Afghanistan - NATO HQ (press release)

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed on Thursday (29 June 2017) that NATO will increase its support for the Afghan security forces. NATO's Resolute Support Mission helps train, assist and advise the Afghans to make their country more secure ...and more »

NATO Defence Ministers to take forward decisions on terrorism and burden sharing - NATO HQ (press release)

NATO defence ministers will meet tomorrow (29 June 2017) to take forward decisions to more fairly share the burden of our security and to fight terrorism. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg gives press conference ahead of the NATO Defence ...and more »

NATO allies boost defense spending in the wake of Trump criticism - Washington Post

BRUSSELS — NATO allies of the United States plan to boost their defense spending by 4.3 percent this year, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday, a response in part to intense pressure from President Trump that the nations invest more in ...and more »

War in Afghanistan: Will Mattis Commit More Troops? -

BRUSSELS — Two years after winding down its military operation in Afghanistan, NATO has agreed to send more troops to the war-ravaged country to help train and work alongside the Afghan security forces. The move comes in response to a request from ...and more »

NATO members to increase defense spending - CNN

(CNN) America's NATO allies in Europe and Canada will increase defense spending by 4.3% in 2017, according to official NATO statistics released Thursday. The boost comes amid continued criticism from President Donald Trump, who has frequently slammed ...and more »

Defence Ministers review progress on fairer burden-sharing and NATO-EU cooperation - NATO HQ (press release)

NATO Defence Ministers met today (29 June 2017), taking stock of the Alliance's work towards fairer burden-sharing, as well as NATO-EU cooperation. Allies agreed to new capability targets, stepping up in key areas, including heavy equipment and air-to ...and more »

NATO Pledges Continued Support for Afghanistan Mission - Department of Defense

NATO will continue to support Afghanistan through thick and thin, the alliance's secretary general said in Brussels today. NATO seal and flag. NATO seal and flag. NATO graphic. NATO seal and flag. Download Image Link Image details page · Jens ...and more »

NATO: We will do more to fight terrorism - Deutsche Welle

One of US President Donald Trump's repetitive complaints about NATO was that the military alliance wasn't addressing what he considers the major threat facing the world: terrorism. In an evolution that was already underway but quickened under the harsh ...and more »

Stoltenberg: NATO to increase aid to Ukraine in field of cyber defense - Ukrinform. Ukraine and world news

NATO will enhance cooperation with Ukraine in the field of cyber defense in connection with the powerful cyber attacks, which Ukraine suffered the day before. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this on Wednesday, an Ukrinform own ...and more »

NATO increasing troops in Afghanistan again, but Trudeau says Canadians won't be among them -

Two years after winding down its military operation in Afghanistan, NATO has agreed to send more troops to help train and work alongside Afghan security forces. But Canadian trainers won't be among them, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters in ...and more »