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France's 'Little Ben' Hamon matures into Socialist contender - Financial Times

Benoît Hamon was patronisingly nicknamed “Little Ben” when he entered national politics in the 1990s. When he quit the French government three years ago to protest its shift to the right, President François Hollande said of his then-education minister ...and more »

Macron hopes to gain if French Socialists pick leftwing candidate - Financial Times

The battle for France's centre-left presidential nomination between former prime minister Manuel Valls and leftwinger Benoît Hamon will settle the ideological war that has long convulsed the Socialist party. But the ultimate winner may be a candidate ...and more »

Why Macron is rubbing his hands with glee after Hamon's victory - The Local France

Here's why the maverick presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron will have been delighted at the result of the Socialist presidential primary. The last few months could not have gone better for Emmanuel Macron, the 39-year-old former banker, turned ...and more »

Benoit Hamon - the 'French Jeremy Corbyn' - goes from underdog to Socialist runner - The Local France

Benoit Hamon, who was a surprise winner of the French Socialists presidential primary on Sunday, was the furthest to the left of the top three contenders. Benoit Hamon, who clinched the presidential nomination for the French Socialist party on Sunday ...and more »

Valls to battle surprise package Benoit Hamon to be France's Socialist presidential candidate - The Local France

Outsider Benoit Hamon came first in the French Socialists' presidential primary on Sunday, and will stand against former prime minister Manuel Valls in a January 29 runoff, partial results showed. With just over one-third of polling stations reporting ...and more »

French Socialist primaries down to final two candidates in 'battle for the left' - RFI

France held the first round of its left-wing presidential primary on Sunday, with former education minister and Socialist "rebel" Benoît Hamon coming in first with roughly 36% of the vote. Former prime minister Manuel Valls came in second, with around ...and more »

Benoît Hamon tops poll in first round of French Socialist primary race - The Guardian

Leftwing outsider to face pro-business rightwinger Manuel Valls in final vote to pick party's presidential candidate. Angelique Chrisafis in Paris. @achrisafis. Sun 22 Jan 2017 15.48 EST Last modified on Tue 28 Nov 2017 02.01 EST. Share on Facebook ...and more »

FRANCE: Pro basic income candidate set to win socialist primary election - Basic Income News

Vocal supporter of basic income, Benoit Hamon came out first in the first round of the socialist primary. He now stands a serious chance to become the Socialist candidate for the French presidential election. Update 30/01/2017: As we predicted, Benoit ...and more »

'It has no chance': Socialist party heading for implosion in French elections - The Guardian

Gérard Singer, a retired clerk in the French social security system, was queuing up for a Socialist party rally on the edge of Paris in the freezing cold, and the mood was grim. “The Socialist party is in the shit,” he sighed. Singer had come to hear ...and more »

With French Socialists in Crisis, Manuel Valls and Benoît Hamon Head to Runoff - New York Times

BOISSEUIL, France — A furious Jean-Marc Ducourtioux shouted with his fellow union members as they banged on the plexiglass window of a meeting hall in small-town France. Inside was Manuel Valls, the former Socialist prime minister, who was campaigning ...and more »