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The Ghost of Franco Still Haunts Catalonia - Foreign Policy (blog)

Nothing is certain after Sunday's manic referendum in Catalonia, where separatist forces pushed for an independence vote amid a crackdown by the central administration in Madrid that included declaring the vote unconstitutional, disabling the internet ...and more »

Opposition to Catalan independence grows - Irish Times

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Barcelona on Sunday to voice opposition to the Catalan government's plans to issue a unilateral declaration of independence. With Madrid insisting it will maintain Spain's territorial unity and a ...and more »

Image of Catalan police force transformed by recent events - Irish Times

On the morning of October 3rd, the day of a Catalan general strike, crowds gathered outside the Barcelona headquarters of the Spanish national police. The strike had been called by the Catalan government to protest against the Spanish police's use of ...and more »

Give me a crash course in… Catalonia - Irish Times

1. What is happening in Catalonia? The nationalist-controlled regional parliament plans to issue a declaration of independence from Spain in the coming days, possibly as soon as Monday. This follows a referendum held on October 1st in which around 90 ...and more »

Corporate exodus forces Catalan government into rethink - Irish Times

A flurry of movement of major businesses out of Catalonia appears to have sown doubts within the region's separatist government about plans to issue a declaration of independence in the next few days. On Thursday, Sabadell bank announced it was moving ...and more »

Catalonia And Brexit: The Same Nationalism - Social Europe

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, will not enter the history books as an enlightened leader. However, when in 2014 he had to decide to allow the Scottish referendum, he used his brain and opened the door for the referendum. It took place on ...and more »

Catalonia: hundreds of thousands join anti-independence rally in Barcelona - The Guardian

Police say 350,000 have protested against regional government's separatist course, but organisers say 930,000 joined in. Sam Jones in Madrid and Stephen Burgen in Barcelona. Sun 8 Oct 2017 10.03 EDT First published on Sat 7 Oct 2017 21.09 EDT.and more »

Spain's Article 155: The constitution's 'nuclear option' - Deutsche Welle

Article 155 of the Spanish constitution would allow the government in Madrid to intervene in the running of Catalonia. It's an extreme measure for exceptional situations that has never been invoked before. Article 155 is the most extreme measure ...and more »

Catalonia's referendum unmasks authoritarianism in Spain - The Conversation US

I have long worried about the rise of authoritarianism in the European Union. The Spanish government's violent crackdown during the Catalonia referendum on Oct. 1 is the latest crisis to challenge EU institutions. Several member states are facing ...and more »

Spanish unionists find their voice in huge Barcelona rally - Chicago Tribune

Spanish unionists in Catalonia finally found their voice on Sunday, resurrecting the Spanish flag as a symbol of patriotism after decades of it being associated with the Franco dictatorship. In a defiant challenge to plans by Catalonia's regional ...and more »