Dutch student's chilly surprise when he arrives in Sydney, Nova Scotia rather than Sydney, Australia - Telegraph.co.uk

Milan Schipper thought something might be amiss when he got off the plane in a rather chilly Toronto when he was expecting to arrive in sunny Australia. Nevertheless, there was a connecting flight, although the Air Canada plane did not look as if it ...and more »

Teenager accidentally flies to the wrong Sydney - Irish Times

Milan Schipper's plan was to backpack through Australia, taking in its lush coastal landscapes and white sand beaches before heading to college this autumn. Instead, the Dutch teenager found himself thousands of kilometres away from Sydney, Australia, ...and more »

Dutch teen winds up in wrong Sydney after bagging cheap air ticket - The Straits Times

TORONTO - A Dutch student looking forward to a sunny holiday in Sydney, Australia, ended up instead in freezing-cold Sydney, Canada. Milan Schipper, 18, bought his flight because the ticket was C$300 (S$315) cheaper than all the other tickets, he told ...and more »

Dutch student flies to Sydney, Nova Scotia by accident - BBC News

A Dutch student learned the hard way that some deals are too good to be true when he landed in Sydney, Canada instead of Sydney, Australia. Milan Schipper told the CBC that he bought his flight because it was much cheaper than all the other tickets.and more »

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When you're typing in your credit card information after selecting your flight on the airline's website, you might be trembling so hard with excitement you forget to read the fine print. In one teen's case, the fine print was actually the most crucial ...and more »

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According to a report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), 18-year-old Milan Schipper was trying to go to Sydney, Australia, when he found a ticket that was much cheaper than the rest. He booked that ticket, which wound up taking him to ...and more »

Man heading to Australia mistakenly lands in C.B. - TheChronicleHerald.ca

A young European man was hoping to go backpacking through Australia but found himself more than 17,000 kilometres away — and in a much different Sydney than he imagined. Milan Schipper mistakenly flew to Sydney, Cape Breton two weeks ago after ...and more »

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Milan Schipper was recently in Sydney, N.S. and not his intended destination of Sydney, Australia. ©Facebook. SYDNEY, N.S. — He wasn't in Cape Breton long but the latest wayward traveller who showed up recently in Sydney, Nova Scotia, instead of ...and more »

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Milan Schipper was geared up for a backpacking trip through sunny Australia. While booking his ticket, the thrifty teen saw a flight to Sydney for $300 less and pounced on the deal. He probably shouldn't have read those flight details more closely. If ...and more »

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That's what happened to Dutch student Milan Schipper, who was looking to do a little bit of backpacking up and down the Aussie coast before knuckling down at uni. [Photo via Facebook]. Instead, he ended up in Canada in the middle of a snowstorm.and more »