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UN condemns 'outrageous' North Korea missile launch, Pyongyang says more to come - POST-COURIER

10:00 AM - The United Nations condemned North Korea's “outrageous” firing of a ballistic missile over Japan on Tuesday, demanding Pyongyang halt its weapons program but holding back on any threat of new sanctions on the isolated regime. August 30 ...and more »

US says North Korea missile launch fails - POST-COURIER

04:00PM - Three North Korea short range ballistic missiles have failed, a temporary blow to Pyongyang's rapid nuclear and missile expansion, US military officials said. August 26, 2017. 04:00PM ...and more »

North Korea's Missile Test over Japan - All Things Nuclear

Yesterday's missile launch by North Korea is reported to have been launched from a site near the capitol city of Pyongyang (Sunan) and landed 2,700 kilometers (km) (1,700 miles) to the east after flying over part of the Japanese island of Hokkaido.and more »

Matthew d'Ancona: Logic and reason take a back seat in the worlds of Kim and Trump - Evening Standard

The most alarming aspect of the stand-off is that the President is as unpredictable as the North Korean despot. Matthew D'Ancona; Wednesday 30 August 2017 11:44. Click to follow. The Evening Standard. Provocative: Kim Jong-un's latest missile launch ...and more »

As it launches another missile, we must realise there are no easy options for dealing with North Korea - The Conversation AU

Here's the script accompanied by a lot of bombast, signifying not much. North Korea launches another missile – its 18th for the year and 80th since Kim Jong-un assumed power in 2011. This time it travels over Japan itself. The “international community” ...and more »

North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan - New York Times

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea carried out one of its most provocative missile tests in recent years early Tuesday morning, hurling a ballistic missile directly over Japan that prompted the government in Tokyo to warn residents in its path to take ...and more »

How Kim rules: What the North Korean leader's unexpected directions for his country mean for the US - Christian Science Monitor

August 28, 2017 BEIJING—It was classic Kim Jong-un. There was the young North Korean dictator, flanked by his aging military brass, examining plans for a missile launch into waters around Guam, a US territory, in a large conference room. Mr. Kim was ...and more »

Why Kim Jong Un Isn't Afraid of Donald Trump - POLITICO Magazine

Most Americans think North Korea is a crazy place, led by a crazy man bent on global destruction. This view, of course, is almost completely wrong and explains in part why the current public discussion about what to do with a nuclear North Korea is so ...and more »

South Korean intelligence says Kim Jong-Un has had another baby -- but we still don't know if he has a male heir - Business Insider

South Korea's spy agency, the National Intelligence Service, believes North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un became a father for the third time earlier this year. In a briefing to South Korea's parliament yesterday, NIS officials said they believed Kim's ...and more »

Designer brands and stocked supermarkets the new reality on streets of Pyongyang unfazed by nuclear threat -

GUCCI, Louis Vuitton and Hummer cars are not what you expect in North Korea, but here's what it's like amid rising military threats. Victoria Craw@Victoria_Craw · 1, 20179:36am. Shiseido, Lancome and Dior make-up is on display in ...and more »