Xbox Live releasing nearly 1 million gamertags that have been inactive for years - GeekWire

Xbox Live (Via Xbox Live). The Xbox Live gamertag you've always wanted could very well become yours if it's among the nearly 1 million IDs being released into the wild by Microsoft on Wednesday. The company announced that gamertags from accounts ...and more »

Microsoft to free up 1 Million abandoned Xbox Live gamertags Wednesday - New York Daily News

Seeing "username already taken" is one of the biggest pains ever. But luckily, this week, you might finally get that sweet moniker you've always wanted. Microsoft will free up 1 million Xbox gamertags starting Wednesday, which will let certain gamers ...and more »

Xbox Live Price to Increase in Some Countries - GameSpot

Microsoft has confirmed that the price for Xbox Live Gold will increase in six countries. Last updated by Mat Paget on May 16, 2016 at 7:15PM. 211 Comments. Leave Blank. Want the latest gaming news as it breaks? All the highlights in the world of games ...and more »

Abandoned Xbox Gamertags will soon be made available once again - TechSpot

Microsoft will be giving Xbox gamers a chance to get an awesome new Gamertag on Wednesday, May 18th when the company re-releases nearly one million old and abandoned Gamertags. The recycled Gamertags will be available to active Xbox Live Gold ...and more »

One million dormant Xbox Live gamertags can be yours starting Wednesday - Ars Technica UK

Are you the type to dash madly toward any new online service's sign-up page even if you think you'll never touch it again, just to lock down your username of choice? As any good geek knows, handles are a precious commodity, especially for free services ...and more »

Xbox Live is giving away nearly 1 million dead gamertags on May 18 - VentureBeat

Microsoft revealed today that its making about 1 million gamertags available for registering though a 24 hour period on May 18. These are old user names for Xbox Live members back from the original Xbox era that have been inactive since the service ...and more »

Microsoft is Releasing Over 1 Million Unused Xbox Live Gamertags - Game Rant

Microsoft will release over 1 million unused Xbox Live gamer tags back into the wild, including screen names that feature pop culture references, proper names, and more. Microsoft has announced that close to 1 million Xbox Live gamer tags will go back ...and more »

Microsoft to recycle Xbox Gamertags: How to finally grab your dream ... -

Microsoft has announced that it is freeing up nearly 1 million Gamertags. These are Gamertags that were claimed by someone from the original Xbox era.and more »

Microsoft Freeing Up 1 Million Xbox Live Gamertags: Here's What You Need To Know - Tech Times

Nearly 1 million Xbox Live Gamertags will be up for grabs this week. This goes without saying, but this is the perfect opportunity to get the name you've always wanted. ( Major Nelson ). Advertisement. Gamers everywhere, now's your chance to get the ...and more »

Xbox Live Gold Subscription Price to Increase in Six Countries - GameTransfers

In the same way that happened in Mexico, Microsoft plans to increase the price of Xbox LIVE Gold subscription in 6 countries: Austria, Hungary, Israel, South Africa, Sweden and Turkey. Xbox Live Gold. The information was released by Game Informer ...and more »