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6 Ways Social Media Affects Our Mental Health - Forbes

Health experts love to say that sitting is the new smoking. Given the number of diseases to which sitting is linked, and the number of people it apparently kills every year, sitting is one of the worst things we can do for health. But possibly as ...and more »

The Changing Face of Social Media - Tech.Co

Before the days of Friendster and Myspace, the internet was a place of forums and one-to-one messaging. Between pseudo anonymous forums like The WELL, short away messages on AIM, and dial-up connections, these web based technologies and ...and more »

7 Most Popular Social Media Platforms in the World, Mapped - Tech.Co

Social media plays a pretty big role in the business world today. While it started off as nothing more than a simple website designed to connect people a little more, it has transformed into a network of platforms that make connection with people on ...and more »

Social media power is enormous; social network analysis is invaluable tool to create an impact - Financial Express

It was interesting to note the groups formed on social media after the appointment of the CM of an important state. An analysis of their conversations led to determining the strengths of their bonds. Social media, Social media power, power of Social ...and more »

10 surefire ways to crush your rivals on Facebook - CNBC

A social media presence is no longer an optional part of running a small business; it's an absolute necessity. Facebook, Instagram and other popular forums are as important, if not more so, to a company's marketing as is television ads and sponsoring ...and more »

12 Top Tips For Travel Agents Using Social Media - Travel Market Report

Unless you've been completely off the grid, traveling deep in the Amazon jungle or wandering the dunes of the Empty Quarter for the past 10 years, you surely know that social media is a marketing and communications bonanza for travel advisors. But ...and more »

Why Social Media Succeeds by Streaming Sports - DMN

There have been a slew of partnerships between social media platforms and sports' organizations this year. Alexander Neely. June 29, 2017. Tweet. Share. 0. Soccer1251388. Join Thousands of Fellow Followers. Login or register now to gain instant access ...and more »

What Is Social Media Day? - Gadget Hacks

If you haven't been on any sort of social media all day — which I seriously doubt — then you might not have heard that today, June 30, is Social Media Day. It's been trending on Twitter, but has also been making appearances on Instagram and Facebook.and more »

Social Media Trends and Tips for Financial Advisors -

The usage of social media among financial advisors has dramatically surged in recent years. While the financial services industry was slow to adopt social media in large part due to industry regulations and compliance hurdles, usage has increased at an ...and more »

Social Media and Changing Trends of Real Estate Marketing - AdAge India (blog)

While more and more businesses took to the social media platforms as the opportunities offered by these marketing tools were immense, India's real estate sector watched with intent, and waited. There were questions and apprehensions about the success ...and more »