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Better Weather Forecasts, and These Pretty Pictures, Too - New York Times

Here's a reminder of how beautiful our planet is. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released the first batch of images taken by its recently launched GOES-16 satellite on Monday. With its high-definition camera, the satellite shows ...and more »

Earth from Space: New 'Blue Marble' Photo Is Jaw-Dropping - Live Science

An image from NOAA/NASA satellite, GOES-16, shows a composite color full-disk visible image of Earth on Jan. 15, 2017. Credit: NOAA/NASA. A new weather satellite has relayed its first images of Earth back to scientists, and the new collection, which ...and more »

Preparing for the next Snowzilla might be easier thanks to this advanced satellite - Washington Post

Almost one year ago, the Washington region took cover from the storm known as Snowzilla. Buried by three feet of snow in some places, roads and schools closed, and more than 6 million people hunkered down, waiting for the blizzard to pass. Most people ...and more »

The first images from the new weather satellite just arrived, and they're absolutely incredible - Washington Post

The satellite formerly known as GOES-R (so Prince, right?) has transmitted its first images back to Earth, and they are flooring. From the details on the face of the moon to the incredible resolution of cumulus over the Caribbean, these first pixels ...and more »

How this unprecedented satellite could be game-changer for storm forecasts - KBZK Bozeman News

Many people across the country are clearing up from destructive storms. They relied on up-to-the-minute forecasts to prepare for the worst. But a new weather satellite is trying to make those forecast more accurate. New photos from the potentially life ...and more »

Satellite's 1st Views of Earth (and Moon) Are Jaw-Dropping -

A new weather-tracking satellite has beamed back its first images of Earth from orbit, and the view is absolutely beautiful! The new satellite, called GOES-16, is the first of four cutting-edge weather satellites — collectively known as GOES-R — to ...and more »

'Like High-Definition From The Heavens'; NOAA Releases New Images Of Earth - NPR

Updated at 8:40 a.m. ET on Jan. 24. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released crisp, color images of Earth from its newest orbiting weather satellite. "The release of the first images today is the latest step in a new age of ...and more »

First Spectacular Images Come In from NOAA's New Satellite - Scientific American

GOES-16 captured this view of the moon as it looked across the surface of the Earth on January 15. Like earlier GOES satellites, GOES-16 will use the moon for calibration. Credit: NOAA, NASA. Advertisement. The GOES-R satellite was one of the most ...and more »

NOAA releases first impressive photos from next-gen satellite - New Atlas

Composite image of Earth's full disk as captured by GOES-16's Advanced Baseline Imager Instrument at 1:07 p.m. EDT on Jan. 15. 2017(Credit: NOAA/NASA). View gallery - 11 images. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released ...and more »

Earth from Space: The Amazing Photos by the GOES-16 Satellite -

The first photos of Earth from space by the NOAA/NASA GOES-16 satellite are simply spectacular. Take a look at the images in our full gallery here. In this image, the entire Earth is visible in a composite color visible image is from 1:07 p.m. EDT on ...and more »