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EVE Online is getting a mobile spinoff - The Verge

The vast sci-fi universe of EVE Online is coming to your smartphone. This evening EVE developer CCP Games announced a new spinoff of the massively multiplayer game, that will be released in a handful of countries in “the near future,” before getting a ...and more »

Critically-acclaimed EVE Online MMORPG coming to mobiles as Project Aurora - Phone Arena

Developer CCP Games has just announced that its EVE Online smash hit will have a corresponding title on mobile devices. Project Aurora is a new game in the EVE Online universe, which will try to bring a taste of the PC space-based MMORPG to smaller ...and more »

PlayRaven and CCP Games are working on a free-to-play 'Eve Online' title for mobile - Android Police

It was just announced that PlayRaven and CCP Games are working on a brand new free-to-play mobile game that is set in the EVE Online universe. Right now it is known as Project Aurora, and it's planned to be a game where player cooperation is a must ...and more »

EVE Online Free Players Are About To Get A Lot More Stuff - Kotaku

Soon, EVE Online's free-to-play players will be allowed to expand their spaceship repertoires. CCP Games is more than quadrupling the amount of ships that F2P players are able to fly, still for the low, low price of free. Error loading player: No ...and more »

'Eve Online' is going mobile next year with 'Project Aurora' - Engadget

Popular space MMO Eve Online has been doing pretty well lately, bringing a massive map, galactic trade economies and the vastness of space to players over its 14-year history. It's made several moves to keep folks interested in its PC-based game title ...and more »

CCP Announces Upcoming Mobile 'Eve Online' Title, "Project Aurora" - Touch Arcade

At EVE Vegas, CCP Games just revealed an upcoming mobile title currently codenamed "Project Aurora". The easiest way to describe what they're going for is EVE Online in your pocket. All of the things you do in EVE Online are being intelligently ...and more »

“EVE Online” mobile game is coming next year - MyBroadband

EVE Online developer CCP Games is working with mobile game developer PlayRaven on a new project, reported The Verge. The developers are creating a mobile game called Project Aurora, which looks similar to the PC version of EVE Online and will feature ...and more »

Eve Online's free 'Alpha Clone' players to get access to bigger ships, fancier guns, more skills - PCGamesN

At the Eve Vegas 2017 event yesterday, developers CCP confirmed that among their plans for the year is a significant upgrade to what their free-to-play characters can do within the Eve Online universe, planned for this December. Previously limited to ...and more »

EVE Online's free-to-play program is going to get a lot more generous - PC Gamer

Free-to-play players will have access to a massive number of new skills and ships in December. Comments. Shares. EVE Online's free-to-play program, which gives non-subscribing players access to a limited set of skills and ships, is about to get a lot ...and more »

CCP Games Announces 'Project Aurora,' The First 'EVE Online' Game For iOS And Android, Out 2018 - Tech Times

EVE Online, one of the most prominent massively multiplayer role-playing games featuring a sci-fi universe, is heading to smartphones. That's right. Developer CCP Games has officially announced a new spinoff of EVE Online called Project Aurora, with a ...and more »