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Pwned and almost game over, Nintendo fights back again and again - Channel NewsAsia

The tumultuous story of the company behind Super Mario and Wii has as many ups and downs as its games. Inside the Storm looks at how it survived them. By Desmond Ng. 12 Feb 2017 02:27AM (Updated: 07 Nov 2017 05:46PM ). Share this content. Bookmark ...and more »

Nintendo Switch: new console may be weird, but it is for everyone - The Guardian

The Nintendo Switch is the weirdest games console to hit the market since … well, the last games console Nintendo released. When docked to the TV, the slim black device could be mistaken for one of the company's previous consoles. The “Joy-Con ...and more »

A closer look at Nintendo's '1-2 Switch' mini-games - Engadget

To give us a better sense of 1-2 Switch's appeal, Nintendo invited journalists to its New York City headquarters to get some more hands-on time with it. And after playing a few more short games, it's pretty clear Nintendo made the right move. When it's ...and more »

Nintendo Switch interview: Nintendo on the price, games and hopes for its new console -

In just a few short weeks, Nintendo will release its latest --and arguably most important-- entrant to the video game hardware market. The Switch is a fascinating hybrid of home console and handheld device; a tablet-esque machine that either docks to ...and more »

Nintendo Switch: Destined for greatness or one last roll of the dice? -

Even by the video game industry's hyperactive standards, it has been a topsy-turvy six months for Nintendo. The Japanese gaming giant is preparing to release its latest home console, the Nintendo Switch, shortly after its first successful foray into ...and more »

Nintendo Switch Can Connect 10 Consoles Together, Not Eight (Sort Of) - GameSpot

Nintendo's press release mentions the "newly announced LAN Play feature," before going on to detail 10-player options. "Connecting up to 10 docked consoles via wired LAN will be well-suited for proper tournaments, while for more casual get-togethers up ...and more »

Get ready for true LAN parties with the Nintendo Switch - Ars Technica

Enlarge / Hori's licensed USB-to-ethernet adapter for the Nintendo Switch will allow docked consoles to connect directly with each other via LAN, no Internet connection required. reader comments 90. Share this story. Further Reading. Hands-on with ...and more »

Nintendo Switch Spec Rumors: Leak of alleged Nintendo internal designs provide hints - Mic

There isn't much time left before March 3, the Nintendo Switch release date. But there is some info Nintendo is still keeping close to the chest. Details about the Nintendo Switch user interface, mobile app and various specs remain unknown — but, as ...and more »

Free Splatoon 2 Demo Coming Next Month, Here's When And For How Long - GameSpot

Nintendo has announced a free Splatoon 2 demo. The demo will be available as part of a "global testfire" event will be held next month, ahead of the game's release. Splatoon 2 Global Testfire. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin ...and more »

Splatoon 2 demo is coming to the Nintendo Switch app in March -

The Nintendo Switch app will connect to the game and serve as a matchmaker and game tracker. Players will be able to schedule times to play with friends. By Matt Kamen. 13 Feb 2017. By Matt Kamen. Monday 13 February 2017. Nintendo / Screencap via ...and more »