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Moderate drinking may reduce heart disease risk - NHS Choices

"A daily pint or glass of wine can slash the chances of a suffering heart attack by a third," reports The Sun. Researchers found that people who drank alcohol within moderate drinking guidelines were less likely to have a first episode of a range of ...and more »

Drinking pint of beer a day linked to reduced risk of heart attack - The Independent

Moderate drinkers less likely than teetotallers and heavy drinkers to see doctor for heart conditions including angina and strokes caused by blood clots. Katie Forster · @katieforster; Thursday 23 March 2017 01:49 ...and more »

Good news, everyone! Two pints a day keep heart problems at bay - The Register

Moderate drinking is good for you, a BMJ-published study has found, directly contradicting the advice of the UK government's "Chief Medical Officer", who advised last year there was "no safe level" of drinking. A daily pint reduces risk of a heart ...and more »

Alcohol & Heart Health: New Study Untangles the Effects - Live Science

When it comes to alcohol and heart health, the back and forth between findings can leave you feeling dizzy: One study concludes that drinking is good for your heart, but then another says it's best to say no. At least part of this back and forth comes ...and more »

Alcohol Is Good for Your Heart — Most of the Time - TIME

Alcohol, in moderation, has a reputation for being healthy for the heart. Drinking about a glass of wine for women per day, and two glasses for men, is linked to a lower risk of heart attack, stroke and death from heart disease. (Drinking too much, of ...and more »

Moderate drinking is good for the heart. Why won't public health admit it? -

A new study in the British Medical Journal has found that moderate drinkers have a lower risk of heart attack, angina and heart failure when compared to teetotallers. It found that lifelong non-drinkers have a 24 per cent higher mortality rate than ...and more »

Moderate drinking can lower risk of heart attack, says study - The Guardian

Drinking in moderation helps protect heart, with study finding it lowers risk of many conditions compared with not drinking. Haroon Siddique. Wed 22 Mar 2017 19.30 EDT Last modified on Mon 4 Dec 2017 13.00 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter ...and more »

Reduce your chances of having a heart attack by a THIRD with a daily pint or glass of wine - The Sun

A DAILY pint or glass of wine can slash the chances of a suffering heart attack by a third, a major study reveals. And it cuts the risk of dying young by a quarter. A pint a day can slash the risk of dying young by a quarter. Getty Images. 5. A pint a ...and more »

An alcoholic tipple a day could PREVENT you having a heart attack - but there's a catch -

Moderate drinking can slash the risk of a heart attack, angina or heart failure, experts have found. They studied two million Brits and discovered confirmed that having no more than 14 units of alcohol per week offers a protective effect for the heart ...and more »

Alcohol could boost heart health: Glass of wine could stave off ANGINA and heart failure -

The study showed that enjoying one alcoholic drink a day - a pint of beer, a double whisky or gin, or a small glass of wine - was linked to a lower risk of some - but not all - heart conditions or stroke. Researchers found that moderate drinking ...and more »