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Google's new Advanced Protection Program could replace two-factor codes - Digital Trends

In the never-ending battle with hackers and crackers around the world, Google is looking to improve the security of its users beyond current two-factor authentication practices. According to one reported rumor, the search giant is planning to introduce ...and more »

Google will retool user security in wake of political hack - Jakarta Post

Over the past year, Google has refurbished its account security systems several times. The upgrades come as the company pitches its Gmail and document apps to business clients. (Shutterstock/Chonlachai). Google is preparing to upgrade its security ...and more »

Google plans to upgrade two-factor authentication tool after high-profile hacks - The Verge

Google plans on upgrading its two-factor authentication tool with an improved, physical security measure aimed at protecting high-profile users from politically motivated cyberattacks, according to a report from Bloomberg. The new service, to be called ...and more »

Google rumored to replace 2-factor with 'Advanced Protection' keys - Engadget

According to Bloomberg, Google is close to rolling out a hardware replacement for current 2-factor authentication setups. Right now, adding the need for a constantly changing code is one of the best ways to protect your account beyond just a password ...and more »

Google's new Gmail security: If you're a high-value target, you'll use physical keys - ZDNet

Google will soon be offering an Advanced Protection Program to lock down the Gmail accounts of high-value targets. According to Bloomberg, the new Gmail service will block third-party apps from accessing user data and introduces a replacement for two ...and more »

Google To Offer Security Upgrades To High-Profile Executives - Deadline

Google plans on offering a new security program that will offer high-profile executives an upgrade from the standard protections on Gmail and Google Drive. The new service, called the Advanced Protection Program, will use physical USB security keys ...and more »

Google's upcoming security upgrade is only for its high-risk users - SlashGear

Google is readying special security tools for its high-profile users, reports claim, going beyond mere two-factor authentication. The development comes as investigations into the political impact of alleged Russian hacking during the US election in ...and more »

Google launching Gmail security tool to protect executives from high-profile attacks - TechRepublic

Google's Advanced Protection Program will rely on two physical security keys to help block third-party apps from accessing Gmail data and more. By Conner Forrest | October 2, 2017, 7:54 AM PST. 0. Email; Print; Reddit; Delicious; Digg; Pinterest ...and more »

Google is further enhancing its user security tools with improved two-step authentication protocols - Firstpost

In the wake of several cyberattacks and hacks, Google is planning to bring a better security tool to the two-step authentication security feature. Google logo. According to a report by Bloomberg, Alphabet Inc's Google will be offering a security ...and more »

Google to introduce improved account security service in wake of high-profile hacks - TechSpot

Amid the ongoing Russian hacking investigations and fallout from the massive Equifax breach, Google is about to introduce a new service that improves upon its two-factor authentication system — but it might not be available to everyone. Citing two ...and more »