Google pushed developers to fix security flaws in 275000 Android apps - Network World

Over the past two years, Google has pressured developers to patch security issues in more than 275,000 Android apps hosted on its official app store. In many cases this was done under the threat of blocking future updates to the insecure apps. Since ...and more »

Apps aren't dead — they're thriving to the tune of $89 billion - Mashable

Displaying social media network apps on the screen of an iPhone 6 in Berlin on 21 Ocotber 2015. Photo by: Robert Schlesinger/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images. Image: Robert Schlesinger/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images.and more »

More Than 250000 Android Apps Updated Through Google's ASI Program - eWeek

Google says it provided tips and recommendations to over 90,000 developers on how they can fix security flaws in their applications before uploading their apps to Google Play. If Android applications continue to be the most targeted by attackers ...and more »

India beats US, No. 1 in Google Play app usage - Economic Times

BENGALURU: Mobile users in India downloaded the most number of apps from Google Play app store in 2016. With over 6 billion app downloads, India, which was in the third position in 2015, surpassed the US, according to a report by global app analytics ...and more »

Android Malware Secretly Downloads and Purchases Apps from Google Play Store - Softpedia News

Android devices are targeted by a new type of malware that secretly downloads and purchases applications from the Google Play Store, while also being capable of stealing information, such as the configured Google account. Codenamed Skyfin, the new ...and more »

Google shutting older versions of Drive, G Suite apps - Macworld

Google will begin to phase out legacy versions of its Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps beginning March 1. Email a friend. To. Use commas to separate multiple email addresses. From. Privacy Policy. Thank you. Your message has been sent. Sorry.and more »

You Need to Update These Google Apps Right Now - MakeUseOf

Google has issued a warning that older versions of some of its apps will stop working in a few months. Anyone running older versions of Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides will have to upgrade to newer versions in order to keep ...and more »

Google Android App Adds Notifications For New Doodles - Search Engine Roundtable

The new version of the Google Android app has a new notification that can send you a notification when a new Google Doodle is on the Google home page. Often times, believe it or not, I do not see the Doodles because I rarely go to the Google home page ...and more »

India takes top spot in Google Play store app downloads in 2016: Report - The Indian Express

With the rise of smartphones and increased affordability of Internet data plans, India has now become the number one country by downloads on the Google Play Store in 2016 – surpassing the US. This information has been published in analyst firm App ...and more »

Google search can work even without internet connection - Zee News

New Delhi: Google said that it has added a new feature in the Google app which will allow users to "search" for something even when the smartphone has no iinternet connection. There is a catch though! The fact is that in the absence of internet ...and more »