Heavy Snow Has Heart Risks - U.S. News & World Report

MONDAY, Feb. 13, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Shoveling is the probable reason why men are more likely to suffer a heart attack after a heavy snowfall, researchers report. In a new study, investigators analyzed data on heart attacks between the months of ...and more »

Shoveling Snow Can Kill Men, Canadian Study Finds - NBCNews.com

Men are more likely to have a heart attack after a snowfall, and it's probably from the exertion of shoveling snow, Canadian researchers reported Monday. They found a slight increase in both heart attacks and deaths from heart attack in Quebec after a ...and more »

The cold, hard facts: Increased risk of heart attacks after snowstorms, study finds - National Post

MONTREAL — Heart specialists from Ottawa through the Maritimes can expect to be busier for the next few days — 16 per cent busier, to be exact. A new Quebec study looking at every major snowfall between 1981 and 2014 found these cold, hard facts: A ...and more »

Heavy snowfall tied to higher heart attack risk for men - Reuters

A resident shovels snow away from the entrance to his home in Union City, New Jersey, across the Hudson River from Midtown Manhattan, after the second-biggest winter storm in New York history, January 24, 2016. REUTERS/Rickey Rogers. By Lisa ...and more »

Snow shoveling may increase risk of heart attack in men - Medical News Today

As winter draws to a close, those of us living in snowy areas might be relieved that we no longer have to shovel our way out of the house every morning - and for good reason. New research suggests that snow shoveling can increase the risk of heart attack.and more »

Heavy snowfall, longer duration, associated with higher risk of heart attack - Science Daily

Date: February 13, 2017; Source: Canadian Medical Association Journal; Summary: People living in areas with winter snow may need to think twice before shoveling after a heavy snowstorm. According to a new study, snowfall is associated with a higher ...and more »

White Coat, Black Art - CBC.ca (blog)

Around 30 centimetres of snow fell in the St. John's area overnight, making for an early morning of shovelling for people waking up Monday. (Francesca Swann/CBC). By Dr. Brian Goldman Posted: Feb 13, 2017 12:56 PM ET Last Updated: Feb 13, 2017 12:56 ...and more »

Shoveling Snow Can Increase Heart Attack Risk In Men - Tech Times

Increased incidence of heart attack and heart-related deaths in men after snowfalls could be due to shoveling snow. How does shoveling snow up heart attack risks? ( Spencer Platt | Getty Images ). Shoveling snow is possibly the reason why men tend to ...and more »

Snow Shoveling Associated With Elevated Risk For Heart Attack In Men, Study Finds - Forbes

With the northeast enduring a significant amount of snow in the past few weeks, the chore of shoveling the driveway, stoop or sidewalk is generally the next thought on peoples' minds the day after a heavy snowfall. But those who live in regions of the ...and more »

Why heavy snowfall raises heart health warnings - CBC.ca

Heavy snowstorms are linked to a higher risk of being admitted to hospital for a heart attack, especially in men, a large Quebec study suggests. Shovelling snow has long been suspected of straining the heart, partly because it combines sudden aerobic ...and more »