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Human cord blood boosts brains of old mice - Futurity: Research News

Umbilical cord blood from human newborns boosts the brain function and cognitive performance of old mice, a new study shows. Researchers identified a protein, abundant in human cord blood but decreasingly so with advancing age, that has the same effect ...and more »

Protein in umbilical cord blood may restore the aging brain - Medical News Today

Umbilical cord blood could hold the key to restoring the learning and memory ability that declines with age, find researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine in California. Providing older mice with injections of human umbilical cord ...and more »

Can scientists rejuvenate an aging brain with a protein found in umbilical cord blood? - Los Angeles Times

What old brains need is a shot of young blood — and the younger the better. It may sound like a metaphor employed by a randy octogenarian. But new research on mice suggests it can be taken quite literally. Writing in the journal Nature, Stanford ...and more »

Young human blood makes old mice smarter -

Mice treated with a protein from umbilical cord plasma improved their performance on memory tests. Sara Reardon. 19 April 2017. Article tools. Rights & Permissions. Simon Schluter/Fairfax Media via Getty Images. Blood from younger humans may have ...and more »

Protein isolated from human cord blood has antiaging effects on memory in mice - Science Magazine

Researchers have found a protein in the blood of human umbilical cords that improves memory and learning in old mice. The provocative finding joins a flurry of other recent, sometimes controversial work attempting to find factors that explain the ...and more »

Fountain of Youth? Young Blood Infusions “Rejuvenate” Old Mice - Scientific American

An injection of “new blood” is a phrase long used as a metaphor for the revitalizing effect of fresh minds on a stagnant organization. But research now suggests it also applies in a literal sense. In a development that calls to mind both vampire lore ...and more »

Brain gains seen in elderly mice injected with human umbilical cord plasma - Science News

YOUTHFUL GLOW In the hippocampus of a 1-month-old mouse, some nerve cells (red) produce the protein TIMP2 (green), which declines with age and may help keep the brain young. Blue indicates microglial cells. J. Castellano et al/Nature 2017. Magazine ...and more »

Human umbilical cord blood restores brain function in old mice - New Atlas

It turns out the fountain of youth might be coursing through human umbilical cords. At least that's part of the findings from a team of researchers at Stanford University that saw some impressive results when the substance was injected into old mice ...and more »

Umbilical Cord Compound Boosts Brain Power in Mice -

A protein in human umbilical cord blood seems to rejuvenate the brains of old mice, researchers reported this week. Researchers think it's worth testing more, along with hundreds of other compounds that babies make in abundance and that adult bodies ...and more »

Human Umbilical Cord Blood Helps Aging Mice Remember, Study Finds - NPR

Decades ago, scientists surgically attached pairs of rats to each other and noticed that old rats tended to live longer if they shared a bloodstream with young rats. It was the beginning of a peculiar and ambitious scientific endeavor to understand how ...and more »