Intel Grabs ARM for 10nm Foundry - EE Times

SAN FRANCISCO – Intel revealed its 10nm process could outperform other foundries and will be used to make ARM-based mobile chips for companies including LG Electronics. To enable the move, Intel partnered with ARM's Artisan division that is porting a ...and more »

Intel fabs to churn out 10nm ARM chips for LG smartphones next year - The Register

IDF16 Intel's chip fabs will roll out 10nm ARM-compatible processors starting next year. The state-of-the-art factories will produce the mobile system-on-chips for LG Electronics using a 10nm process, with the door left wide open for other ARM ...and more »

Intel Seems to Have a Stronger Hand Than Cisco Systems - New York Times

Intel and Cisco Systems are facing divergent futures. Intel is swallowing its pride and licensing intellectual property from its chip-making rival ARM. Cisco is planning to cut 7 percent of its workers. Intel may have the strong hand. The outlook for ...and more »

Korea's LG plans to make its own mobile chips — in Intel's factories - Recode

Korean phone maker LG, which has largely relied on processors from Qualcomm, plans to start making a new generation of homegrown mobile chips using Intel factories. The news, delivered in a single slide at a technical session at Intel's developer forum ...and more »

Intel to manufacture ARM chips in a bid for mobile domination - Engadget

Intel is flexing its manufacturing muscle in an attempt to get inside your next phone. To do that, it has entered a licensing deal with ARM, according to a report from Bloomberg. Without this license, excess manufacturing space goes to waste. But with ...and more »

Intel Foundry Rounds Out IP Lineup With ARM, Adds New Customers AT IDF 2016 - Forbes

There are always debates on who does what best in the semiconductor industry, but most agree that Intel INTC +0.41% is the best in process and transistor technology. This leadership has served the company extremely well over the last few decades and ...and more »

Intel to manufacture ARM processors in a bet on IoT and premium smartphones - TechRepublic

In a new partnership, ARM and Intel Custom Foundry will work together building SoCs using Intel's 10nm process. By Conner Forrest | August 17, 2016, 6:34 AM PST. RSS. Comments; Facebook; Linkedin; Twitter; More. Email; Print; Reddit; Delicious; Digg ...and more »

Intel will allow ARM chipmakers to use its 10nm manufacturing process - Ars Technica

Intel will be opening up its newest chip factories to companies making ARM mobile processors, according to joint press releases from both Intel and ARM. Companies designing chips based on ARM's Artisan Physical IP will be able to manufacture them on ...and more »

Intel to let ARM chip designers use its 10nm fabs - Inquirer

Intel has signed a licensing agreement with chip designer ARM that will enable ARM licensees to manufacture ARM-based system-on-a-chips at Intel's fabrication facilities, including the leading-edge 10nm fabs. The deal is part of a strategic shift at ...and more »

Intel ARMs Silicon Fabrication - Server Watch

No need to check your calendar, this isn't April 1. In a surprise announcement at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), Intel and ARM announced a new partnership that will see Intel using its massive fabrication capabilities to build ARM chips. Intel's 10 ...and more »