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Is wireless charging bad for your smartphone? - Computerworld

With Apple finally bringing native wireless charging to its iPhone lineup, the technology will become far more widely adopted, both among consumers and within corporations. Apple chose to use the Qi specification, which uses inductive charging ...and more »

The iPhone X may be expensive, but you'll regret cheaping out with an iPhone 8 - Digital Trends

At Apple's latest event this September, the company unveiled the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus in all their so-called glory. Tim Cook stood proudly as he scanned through a gallery of photos highlighting the historical changes of the iPhone. He used ...and more »

Hey Apple: Let's bring Face ID to Macs - CNET

One of the key selling points of Apple's new iPhone X is Face ID, the facial recognition system for logging users in. Apple claims it's fast, easy and secure, and on paper, it sounds like a step up from similar facial recognition tools on other phones ...and more »

Is Apple iPhone X in Trouble? - Fortune

Apple's iPhones are critical to its business and its cash hoard. But now speculation is that the money machine may not be humming as well as expected. The upcoming iPhone X smartphone, available on Nov. 3, may be having manufacturing problems that ...and more »

iPhone X: Sorry Apple, but I just can't face using Face ID - ZDNet

Video: Face ID won't forget you - even if you get a new hairdo. One of the most interesting aspects of Apple's forthcoming iPhone X is the way you unlock it. The new Face ID feature uses the iPhone's TrueDepth camera to project and analyse more than 30 ...and more »

Apple Investigating Two Possible iPhone 8 Plus Battery Failures - Mac Rumors

Apple is investigating after two iPhone 8 Plus owners shared pictures of the device burst open due to possible battery failure. iPhone 8 Plus burst open due to possible battery failure via iFeng. "We are aware and are looking into it," an Apple ...and more »

Apple Investigates Claims New iPhones Burst Open During Charging - Huffington Post Australia

Apple is looking into reports that its new iPhone is splitting open when charged, after customers showed images on Twitter of their new handsets cracking along the side. One Taiwanese user claimed they had owned their iPhone for just five days when ...and more »

Apple looks into two reports of iPhone 8 Plus splitting open - Washington Post

Apple confirmed it is looking into reports that two people's iPhone 8 Plus phones split open shortly after buying them. The reports — one in Taiwan, one in Japan — made the rounds on social media earlier this week, showing images of smartphones in ...and more »

Apple's iPhone 8 Plus 'Bursting Open,' Tech Giant Investigating Reports - The Inquisitr

Less than a month after Apple's iPhone 8 was launched, a report surfaced claiming the device burst open while charging. Another report claimed a defective device was in a similar state. Apple confirmed they are currently investigating the two reports ...and more »

Apple iPhone X Face ID Explained - The Daily Telescope

the other is facial recognition software. The feature is powered by a sensor setup and very small Kinect camera. In theory, it is able to complete the same tasks as Touch ID, but even more secure according to Apple. So, for those of you patiently ...and more »