A Whale Sculpture in Paris Aims to Help Save Some Species - New York Times

A metal sculpture of Bluebelle, a whale caught in the South Atlantic in 1912, on display in Paris. Credit Benoit Tessier/Reuters. PARIS — A life-size installation of a giant blue whale has been erected on the Left Bank of the Seine, intended as a ...and more »

Japan whale hunt tensions to flare as Australia considers court action - Sydney Morning Herald

Australia is considering taking a high-stakes legal gamble by dragging Japan back to the international court in an attempt to halt the killing of whales. Play Video. Replay Video. Play Video Don't Play ...and more »

New Zealand and Australia Lead Japan Whaling Protest - NDTV

New Zealand and Australia held an international protest against Japan's plans to resume killing whales in the Southern Ocean. (Representational Image). Sydney: New Zealand led an international protest today against Japan's plans to resume killing ...and more »

Australia threatens legal action over Japan's Antarctic whaling - Al Jazeera America

"The Australian government does not support what is a deeply disappointing decision by Japan, and we will continue to raise our concerns at the highest level of the Japanese government," the Australian minister for foreign affairs, Julie Bishop, said ...and more »

Japan's whaling fleets steam out to fight Western culinary imperialism - The Economist

WHEN the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled early last year that Japan's annual whaling expeditions to the Southern Ocean were clearly not for the “scientific” purposes claimed and were therefore illegal, many dared hope that an end had come to ...and more »

Japan defends scientific value of new plan to kill 333 minke whales - Science /AAAS

TOKYO–Japan has resumed its controversial lethal research whaling because it wants to determine how many minke whales can be harvested sustainably while studying the environment, Joji Morishita, the nation's representative to the International Whaling ...and more »

World must agree to disagree on hunting whales, Japan official says - Reuters

Japan's Commissioner to the International Whaling Commission Joji Morishita speaks during a news conference in Tokyo December 7, 2015. REUTERS/Thomas Peter. TOKYO Japan has done nothing wrong by sending its whaling fleet out on its annual ...and more »

World tells Japan to stop killing whales; Japan says 'meh' - Metro

Japan's top whaling official has told a press conference that international detractors should 'agree to disagree' about their annual Antarctic whale hunt. The International Criminal Court (ICJ) had told Japan to halt their whaling operations the ...and more »

Government leads protest against whaling - New Zealand Herald

The New Zealand Government is leading more than 30 countries in a joint diplomatic protest against Japan's decision to resume whaling in the Southern Ocean. The protest, headed by New Zealand's Ambassador to Japan, Mark Sinclair, delivered a formal ...and more »

Australia Considering Legal Action Against Japan Over Whaling - Sputnik International

Australia is considering taking legal actions against Japan after its decision to restart whaling in the Antarctic, the nation's Foreign Ministry said in a statement released Monday. Killer whales. © AFP 2017/ Marcel Mochet. Japanese Ships Depart for ...and more »