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After issuing the world's harshest ban on plastic bags, Kenya adjusts to life without them - Quartz

Kenya is adjusting to life without plastic bags after a strict ban on the carriers went into effect this week. Traders in Nairobi swapped out the cheap lightweight plastic bags for cartons, paper bags, and envelopes, while grocery stores sold reusable ...and more »

Which countries are outlawing single use plastic? - Pebble Magazine (blog)

Can we get a round of applause for both Kenya and Costa Rica who in the last few weeks have announced progressive and eco-friendly laws that ban some sort or all single use plastic. Let's take a look. This week Kenya started its ban on plastic bags ...and more »

Kenya just banned plastic bags —and the fine is up to $38000 and jail time - Business Insider

kenya plastic bags waste A woman recycles plastic bags from a river near the Dondora dumpsite close to the capital Nairobi, Kenya on March 17, 2015. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Reuters Plastic bags have become an epidemic in Kenya, but as of today they ...and more »

Whole Foods celebrated its Amazon takeover by pressing meat into the shape of its logo - Quartz

Today, Amazon completed the purchase of Whole Foods Market, the high-end US grocery store chain. To celebrate its takeover, Whole Foods across the country started offering “farm fresh” Amazon Echo devices in-store, as well as reducing the prices of ...and more »

Livestock farmers hail Kenya's historic plastic ban - Xinhua

A hawker sells non-woven cloth bags in a market in Nairobi, capital of Kenya, Aug. 28, 2017. Kenya's landmark plastic ban that took effect on Monday received cautious welcome from retailers who expressed concern over its impact on their businesses ...and more »

Draconian bans will not banish our plastic self-loathing - Financial Times

My local shop has a plastic bag problem. It is fanatically keen on giving them away, even for the most insubstantial purchases. Attempts to refuse are met with polite resistance. “Just a small bag, sir?” the shopkeeper once pleaded, like a pusher ...and more »

NEMA could have communicated better on plastics ban - Capital FM Kenya (press release) (blog)

A day after the ban on use of plastic bags came into force, the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) was fire fighting. The online trending headlines were Nema denies shutting down plastic manufacturers; No order for cops to check cars for ...and more »

Plastic Bags - New York Times

A recent Times article reports,. Kenya will now punish with up to four years in jail anyone making, selling or importing plastic bags, putting in place one of the world's toughest bans on the ubiquitous item that is blamed for clogging oceans and ...and more »

Tourists: Don't take plastic bags to Kenya or face 4 years in prison - eTurboNews

Four years in jail for having a plastic bag. This is the maximum penalty in Kenya. FInes are $19.000 to $38.000 – and penalties are the world's harshest. Tourists are warned: Don't import or carry plastic bags. Kenya is adjusting to life without ...and more »

Kenyan plastic bag ban threatens jail for violators - Plastics News

Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources Kenya Officers from Kenya's Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources with bags confiscated from a market after the ban. Kenya implemented one of the world's toughest plastic shopping bag bans Aug. 28, with ...and more »