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ALMA confirms Titan has membrane-forming chemical -

Titan has molecules that may link together to form membranes resembling those of living organisms on Earth. The presence of acrylonitrile – also known as vinyl cyanide (C2H3CN) – on Saturn's largest moon has been confirmed by an international team ...and more »

Scientists Have Found A Building Block For Life On Titan [Infographic] - Forbes

Scientists have been looking for signs of life in our solar system for a long time. For many years Saturn's largest moon Titan has been a point of interest in that investigation. It's the only other body in our solar system that has liquid oceans and ...and more »

NASA Are One Step Closer To Proving Life Can Exist On Titan - HuffPost UK

NASA's scientists have made a major discovery that brings us one step closer to proving life can exist on Saturn's moon Titan. They've found evidence of a chemical called acrylonitrile that could be used to create cell membranes capable of surviving in ...and more »

Is life possible on Titan? Chemical 'precursors' of life confirmed on Saturn's largest moon - International Business Times UK

Saturn's largest moon Titan has been found to have the right chemicals that can support cell membranes, according to Nasa. Scientists have found acrylonitrile, also known as vinyl cyanide, a compound that can form stable structures - the building ...and more »

Saturn's moon Titan has two vital ingredients that could produce life - SlashGear

Researchers have made an exciting announcement about Saturn's moon Titan — it may hold the key ingredients for life. The discovery was made by the Cassini spacecraft, which found two potential compounds that could lead to life. One of the compounds ...and more »

SPACE BREAKTHROUGH: Major boost for alien life hunt after Cassini finds THIS on Titan -

THE SEARCH for alien life has made a huge breakthrough after Nasa's Cassini spacecraft made a major discovery on Saturn's moon, Titan. By Sean Martin. PUBLISHED: 12:43, Tue, Aug 1, 2017 | UPDATED: 14:46, Tue, Aug 1, 2017. 0. Play Video. Play. Mute. 0 ...and more »

NASA Detects More Chemicals on Titan that are Essential to Life - Universe Today

Saturn's largest moon Titan may be the most fascinating piece of real-estate in the Solar System right now. Not surprising, given the fact that the moon's dense atmosphere, rich organic environment and prebiotic chemistry are thought to be similar to ...and more »

Titan's methane seas may host alien life, shows study - The Indian Express

Scientists at Cornell University in the US have found the first indisputable evidence of the presence of a molecule -acrylonitrile - on Titan, which may be key to exotic life on the methane-based, oxygen-free moon of Saturn. The discovery gets us ...and more »

NASA Finds Moon of Saturn Has Chemical That Could Form 'Membranes' - Cassini: Mission to Saturn

This Cassini image from 2012 shows Titan and its host planet Saturn. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI. NASA scientists have definitively detected the chemical acrylonitrile in the atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan, a place that has long intrigued ...and more »

Scientists discover ingredient for life on Saturn's moon - Inhabitat

Will Titan, one of Saturn's moons, be the next rock humans aspire to reach after visiting Mars? Possibly so – according to new research published in Science Advances, researchers have found a complex molecule in Titan's atmosphere that could very well ...and more »