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NASA looks into buying more Russian Soyuz trips to orbit … through Boeing - GeekWire

Image: Soyuz craft. A Russian Soyuz craft approaches the International Space Station. (Credit: NASA). NASA is considering a convoluted arrangement to reserve five more seats on Russian Soyuz capsules heading to and from the International Space Station, ...and more »

NASA is in a strange and expensive pickle with the Russians - Business Insider

NASA, in dealing with Russia's monopoly on human spaceflight, is hoping Boeing can help — that is, by buying tickets the company owns for rides aboard Russian rockets. When NASA retired its last space shuttle in July 2011, it expected commercial ...and more »

NASA may rely on Russian shuttles for ISS missions until 2019 - Engadget

NASA is considering buying seats aboard the Soyuz spacecraft for 2019, according to a solicitation it filed recently. The agency originally wanted to end its dependence on Russia's Soyuz spacecraft this year, but SpaceX and Boeing aren't quite ready to ...and more »

As leadership departs, NASA quietly moves to buy more Soyuz seats - Ars Technica

NASA's commercial program holds much promise—the development of private vehicles to transport humans into low Earth orbit should eventually bring down spaceflight costs and broaden access to space. But as is often the case with new spacecraft ...and more »

Alien cover-up: Astronaut blocks live feed as UFO flies past ISS - Daily Star

NASA has been accused of covering up evidence of aliens – literally – after an astronaut appeared to block a video of UFOs. An astronaut was filming his work on the International Space Station when a series of mysterious lights were seen above Earth.and more »

NASA's New App is 'The Sims' in Space, With Plants - Gizmodo

As a life-long, avid Sims player, I was pretty excited to hear about NASA Science Investigations: Plant Growth. Released last month, the educational app lets you zoom around the International Space Station (ISS), complete various astronaut tasks, and ...and more »

NASA considering Boeing offer for additional Soyuz seats - SpaceNews

WASHINGTON — NASA is proposing to purchase, through Boeing, additional Soyuz seats for International Space Station missions to both take advantage of Russian plans to decrease the size of its crew and as insurance against potential additional ...and more »

NASA to Rely on Russian Shuttles for ISS Missions Until 2019 - Sputnik International

If NASA intends to continue sending astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) or the moon, the space agency has little choice but to rely on Roscosmos' Soyuz spacecraft, at least until 2019. On Tuesday, NASA filed a "presolicitation ...and more »

Is Nasa hiding aliens? Astronaut covers up evidence of mystery flashing lights moving past the space station, UFO ... - Daily Mail

Astronauts on board the International Space Station are hiding evidence of aliens. At least that's the latest wild claim made by a group of UFO hunters who believe they have spotted strange flashing lights near the ISS. The 'mystery lights' were seen ...and more »

NASA Eyes Russian Soyuz Trips to Send Crew to ISS - NDTV

NASA is considering to acquire two seats on the Russian Soyuz spacecrafts to transport crews for missions in 2017 and 2018 to the International Space Station (ISS), media reported. NASA is considering to buy Soyuz seats, through an arrangement with ...and more »