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Another pod of whales stranded in New Zealand, bringing total to 650 -

Dozens of weary volunteers have formed a human chain to prevent a pod of stranded whales that washed up off a New Zealand coast from beaching again, as a fresh group became stranded. Hours after volunteers managed to refloat hundreds of the whales ...and more »

New Zealand races to rescue beached whales as 200 more come in - The Sydney Morning Herald

Farewell Spit: A super pod of hundreds of whales was pushed offshore after repeated strandings at Farewell Spit, New Zealand, on Saturday morning, as volunteers scrambled to save a smaller group of stricken animals still on the beach. Some 416 whales ...and more »

Mass Stranding: Hundreds of Pilot Whales Returned to the Water - Live Science

Hundreds of pilot whales stranded on Farewell Spit on the South Island of New Zealand today (Feb. 10, 2017). Credit: Deb Price. Update: Feb. 12, 9 a.m. ET: This morning (Feb. 12), most of the 240 or so whales that had re-stranded yesterday near the ...and more »

Mass whale stranding at Farewell Spit - Auckland

Volunteers sing to stranded whales as attempts are made to push them back out to sea. With daylight fading, rescuers at Farewell Spit face an anxious wait to see whether the 80 to 90 whales stranded there survive the night. Can you see the stranding ...and more »

Hundreds of whales die in mass stranding on New Zealand beach - The Guardian

Rescuers are trying to save dozens of whales after a mass stranding on a New Zealand beach thought to be the largest in decades. The Department of Conservation (DOC) discovered 416 pilot whales had beached themselves overnight at Farewell Spit in ...and more »

Hundreds Of Whales Die Stranded On A Remote New Zealand Beach - NPR

Updated at 7:40 a.m. ET. By the time Ceree Morrison found hundreds of pilot whales washed ashore on a remote beach in New Zealand 250 to 300 of them were already dead. The rest remained alive on Farewell Spit, a long strip of land that hooks from the ...and more »

More whales beach in New Zealand - The Hindu

A dead pilot whale lies on a sandbank after one of the country's largest recorded mass whale strandings, in Golden Bay, at the tip of New Zealand's South Island on Saturday. AP. WELLINGTON, February 11, 2017 16:56 IST. Updated: February 11, 2017 16:58 ...and more »

Over 300 whales die in New Zealand's largest strandings in years - TRT World

Rescuers tried to help more than a hundred mammals return to sea but many got stranded again. It is relatively common for whales to get stranded on the country's beaches. Dozens of pilot whales washed ashore in 2014. (ImageSource). More than 400 pilot ...and more »

Fresh whale stranding on notorious New Zealand beach - Phys.Org

Rescue workers are in a race against time to refloat 100 whales stranded on a New Zealand shore a day after a mass beaching left hundreds dead. It was not known if the whales found Saturday were a fresh pod or survivors from Friday's stranding at ...and more »

New Zealanders race to save stranded pilot whales - The Hindu

Some of the hundreds of pilot whales marked with an 'X' to indicate they have died can be seen together after one of the country's largest recorded mass whale strandings, in Golden Bay, at the top of New Zealand's South Island on February 10, 2017 ...and more »