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Disqus confirms 2012 hack of its comments tool - ZDNet

(Image: file photo). Disqus has confirmed its web commenting system was hacked. The company, which builds and provides a web-based comment plugin for news websites, said Friday that hackers stole more than 17.5 million email addresses in a data breach ...and more »

It's 4PM on Friday, almost time to log off and, oh look, Disqus says it's been hacked - The Register

Disqus, the developer of website comment systems used worldwide, is playing the old "bury bad news late on a Friday" card – as it just confessed one of its databases was swiped by hackers. The software maker, which produces reader comment boards for ...and more »

Disqus Confirms 2012 Data Breach That Exposed Details for 17.5 Million Users - BleepingComputer

Earlier today, on a late Friday evening, Disqus confirmed a data breach that appears to have taken place in the summer of 2012, and during which an unknown attacker(s) made off with details for at least 17.5 million user accounts. The company found out ...and more »

Disqus reveals it suffered a security breach in 2012 - Engadget

Another day, another security breach (and another, and another...). This time it's Disqus, which is revealing that in 2012 -- around the time when Engadget used Disqus for comments -- hackers made off with some of its data, covering a snapshot of ...and more »

Disqus hacked! - BetaNews

So, Disqus has been hacked. Yeah, it is what we at BetaNews -- plus many other websites -- use for commenting. Should you be worried? Probably not. You see, this hack happened all the way back in July of 2012. If you joined Disqus after that, you have ...and more »

Disqus Hacked: 17.5 Million Users Affected - Hack Read

Who doesn't know about Disqus? It is the most commonly used hosted discussion system on news websites and forums. Of course, this requires subscribing to the service in order to comment. So, if you have an account on Disqus since 2007, then you have ...and more »

Disqus data breach reported - Minnesota Public Radio News (blog)

Disqus, the service MPR uses for comments on its blogs, reports that a data breach resulted in the user names and passwords in a 2012 database were stolen. About 17 million users are affected. Says the company: Right now there isn't any evidence of ...and more »

Over 17M affected in a massive security breach in 2012, and you're likely a part of it - International Business Times, India Edition

The hacked data includes email addresses, sign-up dates, Disqus user names, last login dates in plain text, and hashed passwords for about one-third of the total user base. By : Sami Khan. October 7, 2017 19:37 IST. Yahoo says all 3 billion accounts ...and more »

Disqus hacked: More than 17.5 million users' details stolen by hackers in 2012 data breach - International Business Times UK

Disqus said it began notifying users of the breach on Friday and reset the passwords of all affected users. By Hyacinth Mascarenhas. October 7, 2017 05:29 BST. Hacker stole and leaked over 58 million customer records from data storage firm Disqus said ...and more »

Disqus discovers large database hack - MyBroadband

“While we are still investigating the incident… we know that a snapshot of our user database from 2012, including information dating back to 2007, was exposed,” said Disqus. This includes email addresses, Disqus user names, sign-up dates, and last ...and more »