[WATCH] Overwatch previews new map, Horizon Lunar Colony - GameZone

After teasing it yesterday, Blizzard released a Preview video of Overwatch's latest addition to its map rotation titled, Horizon Lunar Colony. The preview is part of the One Year Anniversary event that is currently going on and running until June 12th ...and more »

Overwatch Season 5 details as first look at new map is revealed - Express.co.uk

BLIZZARD HAVE given a first look at the new Overwatch map being tested on PTR, as well as Season 5 details for Competitive Play. By Gary Jones. PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 04:05, Thu, Jun 1, 2017 ...and more »

Overwatch Horizon Lunar Colony Map Announced with Low Gravity Gameplay - Game Rant

Blizzard's Horizon teaser has grown into a full announcement today, an all new Overwatch Assault map set on the Moon's Horizon Lunar Colony. Jeff Kaplan even went ahead and created a new Developer Update video to accompany the map's debut trailer, ...and more »

This New 'Overwatch' Map Is From The Moon - Forbes

As expected, the new Overwatch map is set on the moon. Horizon Lunar Colony is Winston's map, and we get to see more about the gorilla character's backstory in the new map's trailer: An error occurred. Try watching this video on www.youtube.com, ...and more »

Overwatch Horizon Lunar Colony Map Announced; New Hero Teased - NDTV

Amidst the Overwatch Anniversary Event, Blizzard revealed a new map for the hero shooter called Horizon Lunar Colony. As the name suggests, it takes place on the Moon. The company may have also hinted at a new hero called Hammond. “Built as a first ...and more »

Overwatch's new map colonizes the moon - VentureBeat

Blizzard wants to take its players to the one place that capitalism hasn't corrupted: space. Or, more accurately, the moon. Overwatch, a game where beautiful people smooch each other between rounds of colorful violence, is getting the new Horizon Lunar ...and more »

Check Out The New Horizon Lunar Colony Map On 'Overwatch' PTR Server - Tom's Hardware

A new map for Overwatch is available today for those playing on the game's Public Test Region (PTR) server on PC. In addition, Blizzard is also testing additional changes to the game, specifically on some of its heroes and UI. A few days ago, the game ...and more »

Overwatch's New Map Is On The Moon - Kotaku

Overwatch just premiered its newest map, which is set on the moon circa 2060. It's Horizon Lunar Colony, an assault map where players battle it out to capture the point while discovering clues from the former scientific base. Check it out: ...and more »

New Overwatch Map Launches Today On PTR, Is Set On The Moon - GameSpot

A new map is available today in Overwatch for some players. After teasing it on Monday, Blizzard today released the map Horizon Lunar Console on the game's public test realm for PC. An Assault map set in a scientific moonbase, Horizon Lunary Colony has ...and more »

Overwatch has a new map, and you can play it right now - BGR

Overwatch, Blizzard's new hit multiplayer shooter, is turning one year old. As part of the ongoing anniversary celebrations, the developers are releasing a new map. It ties into the backstory of Winston, the genetically modified ape-scientist, and you ...and more »