Smartphone may help men test infertility at home - The New Indian Express

NEW YORK: Researchers have developed a smartphone-based semen analyser that can help men test infertility in the privacy and comfort of their home, suggests new research. In tests, the researchers found that the easy-to-use smartphone app and ...and more »

New smartphone device to test male fertility developed - Deccan Herald

Scientists have developed a new smartphone-based device to measure semen quality, an advance that may prove to be a boon in countries lacking access to fertility tests. Researchers, including those from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in the US, ...and more »

New Smartphone Device Can Test Sperm Quality - NDTV

A new smartphone device can analyse a man's sperm quality and let him know in a matter of minutes whether he suffers from infertility, US researchers said Wednesday. Infertility affects more than 45 million couples worldwide. Over 40 percent of ...and more »

A smartphone can accurately test sperm count - Minnesota Public Radio News

Scientists have developed a smartphone app to measure sperm count at home. Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School. Men may soon be able to take their own sperm count — at home. With a smartphone. Yes, there's an app for that.and more »

This smartphone attachment measures semen quality - Rappler

QUICK RESULTS. The semen-analyzing tool is designed to produce quick results. Illustration by Rappler based on official device photos. MANILA, Philippines – Just how incredible are smartphones? They unlocked modes of communication that were once ...and more »

This smartphone device tests male fertility with 98% accuracy - Watch - Zee News

New Delhi: A new smartphone-based device that can measure semen quality and determine men's level of fertility with 98% accuracy has been developed by scientists, says a new study. The sperm analyser consisting of an optical attachment that can ...and more »

At-home male fertility test uses microfluidic chip and a smartphone - Ars Technica UK

With a simple smartphone device and a chip that slurps up sperm, men can easily and cheaply measure the count and motility of their swimmers. The test is about 98 percent accurate, takes less than five seconds, and requires no training to run, Harvard ...and more »

A New Smartphone Device Can Reveal Male Infertility at Home - NDTV

We are living in a age where technological advancements are having their moment. Be it in the field of entertainment, service, news or medicine, digital is the way to go. The trend is also justified because technology does make our life easy and more ...and more »

Scientists develops world's first mobile phone male fertility test - The Standard (press release)

The state-of-the-art £4 smartphone attachment can check the child-conceiving potential of a man's sperm in just five seconds. The clip-on device is intended to make assessing male fertility as simple and quick as pregnancy testing. And it could help ...and more »

Phone device tests male fertility with 98% accuracy, study shows -

Male infertility is estimated to play a role with up to 50% of couples worldwide who are infertile. The new technology measures sperm concentration and motility using a phone's camera. ×. Phone device tests male fertility with 98% accuracy, study shows.and more »