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Hackers can use brainwave signals to steal passwords - The Independent

Hackers can steal passwords and PINs by analysing your brainwave signals, a new study has found. Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of California Riverside collected data from electroencephalography (EEG) ...and more »

Hackers can steal PINs, passwords from your brainwaves: Study - The Indian Express

Hackers can guess a user's passwords by monitoring their thoughts, according to scientists including those of Indian origin who suggest that brainwave-sensing headsets need better security. Electroencephalograph (EEG) headsets allow users to control ...and more »

Passwords can now be stolen by hackers reading your brainwaves - International Business Times UK

If you think about passwords while wearing an EEG headset, hackers can gain access to the data and steal it. Mary-Ann Russon. By Mary-Ann Russon. Updated June 30, 2017 13:24 BST. Emotiv EPOC EEG headset EEG headsets that let you control ...and more »

Hackers could monitor your BRAINWAVES to steal passwords - Daily Mail

Researchers have revealed that brainwaves can be used to steal online passwords. A team at the University of Alabama at Birmingham found brainwave-sensing headsets, also known as EEG or electroencephalograph headsets, put users at risk. They have ...and more »

Your brainwaves can reveal your password - TechRadar

Think of a number. Is it 12? Probably not. Guessing things at random is hard, which is why passwords work. Advertisement. But if someone had access to data about your brainwaves, it might be a different story. Researchers from the University of Alabama ...and more »

Hackers may target brain signals through EEG headsets to access passwords – study - RT

Electronic devices that harness the power of brain signals are one of the latest additions to the world of gaming. A new study has found, however, that hackers could also use such technology to access private information such as passwords and ATM pin ...and more »