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Here's why we're not downloading Meitu, the red-hot anime photo app (update) - CNET

Meitu is a viral sensation. Who wouldn't want to instantly give themselves or their favorite politicians and celebs a Japanese-anime inspired makeover, and share the hilarious results with the world? That's why the face-recognizing photo app is ...and more »

Meitu, a Viral Anime Makeover App, Has Major Privacy Red Flags - WIRED

Meitu is a popular app that transforms your selfie into an adorable anime character. You've probably already downloaded it. In exchange for the simple pleasure of giving you an absurd makeover, though, it demands sprawling access to your personal data ...and more »

This Anime-Style Selfie App Is Suddenly Everywhere - TIME

Camera apps like Instagram and Snapchat usually enjoy a comfortable spot at the top of the App Store charts. But a photo editing app unfamiliar to many smartphone owners in the U.S. has steadily climbed the rankings in recent days: Meitu. The app has ...and more »

The cost of hot selfie app Meitu? A healthy dose of your personal info - TechCrunch

You've probably seen a Meitu selfie in your Instagram or Facebook feed in the past 24 hours. The app smooths skin, slims down faces, and even applies a layer of virtual blush and lipgloss, adding a beautifying effect to your photos. And although the ...and more »

A Chinese photo app worth $4.5 billion is trending in the US — here's what it does - Business Insider

Getty/BI Illustration A popular Chinese photo-editing app has burst into popularity in the West, covering social feeds in airbrushed photos with huge, sparkling eyes. Although Meitu has been around since 2008, it has become an overnight success and was ...and more »

What is Meitu and should you think twice before downloading it? - Recode

If you hadn't heard of Meitu before this week, you aren't alone. In the last couple of days, though, the Chinese photo filter app has exploded on social media and soared into the list of top iPhone apps. The iOS and Android app can be lots of fun ...and more »

Megaviral Meitu “beauty” app's data grab is anything but skin-deep - Ars Technica

A Chinese app which allegedly makes selfies look more attractive—or more like an anime character, at any rate—has a dark secret: it demands permissions for far more personal data than it needs, including users' IMEIs, phone numbers, and GPS ...and more »

Meitu's selfie app is sharing your phone's location and data with China -

Meitu lets you transform your selfies into an anime character, but beneath the layers of artificial makeup is a potential privacy nightmare. Meitu launched MeituPic in 2013 and it soared to the top of the Chinese app charts. The app re-branded as Meitu ...and more »

Meitu denies selling collected user data, blames China - CNET

Going viral can be a blessing for some apps, but it led anime-makeover app Meitu to more scrutiny than it may have wanted. Before long, security researchers were taking it to task for dodgy-looking data collecting code. Upon download, the app asks for ...and more »

What is Meitu? The kawaii anime makeover app goes viral - CNET

Meitu is the latest selfie craze to hit social media. It combines facial recognition with anime-like filters to make you look like a rejected Sailor Moon. The free photo-editing app, available for iOS and Android, lets you take selfies or upload ...and more »