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Jupiter-sized Planet Discovered Orbiting Two Stars - HowStuffWorks NOW

There may be a day in the far-off future when saying a planet is a two-star planet implies it has, maybe, a tepid, stale Galactic breakfast waiting in the lobby — but certainly not a full-service restaurant, luxury spa, and fax machine in the business ...and more »

New Planet Is Largest Discovered That Orbits Two Suns - SDSU Newscenter

Story Keywords: Sciences, SDSU Research Foundation, Faculty, Astronomy, Kepler Mission, Research, STEM, Technology, News, News Release. Print Page. Email. Please enter your info below. Your name. *. Your Email address. * *. Recipient Email ...and more »

Largest exoplanet orbiting two suns discovered -

Kepler-1647b, a newly discovered exoplanet identified by researchers at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and San Diego State University, is the biggest planet discovered outside our Solar System that orbits two suns. In a galaxy far, far away ...and more »

Scientists discover a giant planet that orbits two suns – and could have habitable moons - Washington Post

Some worlds have more than one sun in their sky. Now scientists say they've confirmed the existence of the largest-ever planet orbiting a pair of binary stars – a gas giant with the same mass and radius as Jupiter. Exoplanets like this one – situated ...and more »

Astronomer helps discover giant planet orbiting two suns - SF State News

By Peter Melkus Monday, June 13, 2016. An artist's rendering of the simultaneous stellar eclipse and planetary transit events on Kepler-1647b. Credit: Lynette Cook. Kepler-1647b has largest size, orbit of any circumbinary planet found to date. San ...and more »

Astronomers discover Star Wars-like planet boasting two suns - Deutsche Welle

Astronomers have discovered the largest planet yet known that orbits two suns. In addition, they say the planet appears to be in a Goldilocks zone - not too hot and not too cold, but just right - that could potentially have water, which is crucial for ...and more »

Luke Skywalker's Planet With Twin Suns Discovered Far, Far Away - Sputnik International

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the fictional intergalactic freedom fighter, Luke Skywalker, looked out at the twin sunsets of Tatoo I and Tatoo II, and dreamt of a life beyond his home planet of Tatooine. Now, according to a new discovery ...and more »

Largest Tatooine World Discovered In The Habitable Zone Of Its Two Suns - Forbes

Astronomers have discovered the largest Tatooine world yet, a Jupiter-sized planet with two suns. Kepler 1647b is the biggest planet ever seen in a double star system, spotted by the Kepler Space Telescope in the constellation of Cygnus. A team of ...and more »

Newly discovered planet is the largest orbiting two stars -

On Monday, astronomers announced the discovery of the largest planet ever found orbiting two stars. The planet, Kepler 1647b — named after NASA's Kepler Space Telescope that found the exoplanet around the star Kepler 1647 — is about 3,700 light years ...and more »

We've Discovered the Largest Planet to Orbit Two Suns Like Tatooine - Popular Mechanics

NASA announced that it has discovered the largest planet yet that orbits two suns. The discovery was made by a team from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and San Diego State University using the Kepler Space Telescope, and was announced ...and more »