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Snapchat wants to make fake news on its platform disappear, too - Quartz

In a world riddled with “alternative facts” and fake news, Snapchat is doing its part to stop false information from making its rounds. Snap, the company behind the ephemeral messaging app, today quietly updated its content guidelines for all ...and more »

Snapchat's big redesign, featuring universal search and more, just hit iOS - TechCrunch

Snapchat's target="_blank" href=""> major redesign, which introduces a universal search bar to the top of the app, among other features, has today hit iOS. The refreshed user interface was first ...and more »

Snapchat Discover is cracking down on sex, clickbait and fake news - Mashable

Snapchat doesn't need your clickbait. The mobile storytelling platform, once popularized as a sexting app, is cracking down on sexually explicit and deceptive content within Discover, the publisher section of the app, the company announced Monday.and more »

How a concerned mother's lawsuit helped get Snapchat to crack down on media companies - Los Angeles Times

Last year, a mother in a lawsuit accused Snapchat of being too sexy for minors. On Monday, Snapchat announced changes that implied the argument held merit. The Daily Mail, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan and the few other media companies allowed to post ...and more »

Snapchat is cracking down on racy and misleading content as it prepares to IPO - Business Insider

Snapchat will start cracking down on overtly sexual and misleading stories in its Discover section, a company spokesperson told Business Insider on Monday. Publishers who participate in Snapchat Discover will be required to not show "sensitive content, ...and more »

Daily Report: Snapchat's Rules for Reader Trust - New York Times

Online information moves fast. Emotions tend to linger. Snapchat wants to make a lot of money, so it is worrying about both. As Katie Benner writes, Snapchat is putting important restrictions on its news channel, Discover, in the interest of delivering ...and more »

Snapchat Is Now Selling Ads Against Nielsen's TV-Like Ratings System - Adweek

Snapchat may or may not become mobile television for younger generations. But the app's parent, Snap Inc., which appears to be on the cusp of an IPO, wants TV advertisers to think about it that way and spend their money accordingly. This premium ...and more »

Snapchat Updates Guidelines for Discover Publishers to Thwart Fake News, Clickbait - SocialTimes

Snapchat is making its move to help curb fake news and clickbait. Katie Benner of The New York Times reported that Snapchat updates its guidelines for publishers in its Discover section, advising them to avoid posting photos or images with no news or ...and more »

Snapchat cracks down on risque images and fake news - The Guardian

Company to tighten up guidelines on its Discover service, banning semi-nude photos without editorial value and encouraging fact-checking. Alex Hern · @alexhern. Tue 24 Jan 2017 08.55 EST Last modified on Tue 21 Feb 2017 12.04 EST. Share on ...and more »

Snapchat fights clickbait in Discover stories - Engadget

Clickbait headlines and fake news aren't limited to the web and social networks. They're also problems in mobile services, and Snapchat wants to do something about it. The company is instituting rules that prevent Discover publishers from misleading users.and more »