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Sony debuts the new Alpha 9 mirrorless camera with 20fps continuous shooting - TechCrunch

Minutes ago, Sony announced the new Alpha 9 flagship with and a new G Master telephoto lens. The Alpha 9's cherry on top is a new digital 35mm full-frame stacked 24.2MP CMOS sensor, with 20fps continuous shooting. It will be available next month for ...and more »

Sony Unveils Blazing Fast a9: A 24MP Sports Camera that Shoots 20fps - PetaPixel (blog)

Holy frames per second Batman! Sony just raised the bar on high-speed sports photography with their latest “groundbreaking” (but actually) camera release. The newly-announced Sony a9 is a 24MP high-end full-frame mirrorless sports camera that can fire ...and more »

The Sony A9: If you photograph action, you'll want it (hands-on) - CNET

Full-frame cameras for pro sports and wildlife photographers are the last bastion where dSLRs still rule. But the Sony A9 ($4,198.00 at looks like it has the chops, if not to bring their reign to an end, to at least make significant inroads ...and more »

Sony a9, now with updated firmware, is a speed demon in a race against DSLRs - Digital Trends

On April 19, the company that created the first full-frame mirrorless camera launched its fastest pro camera yet — and it might just be a DSLR killer. The Sony a9 is a mirrorless camera that packs in the world's first stacked full-frame sensor and ...and more »

Sony announces most advanced full-frame mirrorless camera A9 - Xinhua

Photo taken on April 19, 2017 shows a Sony A9 full-frame mirrorless camera in New York, the United States. Sony announced its most advanced full-frame mirrorless camera A9 here on Wednesday. The new A9 is designed with a full-frame stacked CMOS ...and more »

Sony A9 Review - imaging resource

A flagship, professional-class full-frame mirrorless camera is here! The Sony A9 aims to dethrone the DSLR as the go-to choice for pro sports and action photographers. Sporting a new 24MP stacked sensor, a super-fast processor, and burst speeds up to ...and more »

Sony Alpha A9 - Techradar India

The Alpha A9 doesn't fail to impress. The AF system Sony has blessed this camera with is not only incredibly quick, the tracking performance needs to be seen to be believed. Partner that with incredibly fast 20fps burst shooting, and a large and bright ...and more »

Sony's New Mirrorless Camera Is Its Most Beastly Shooter Yet - WIRED

Sony may not have the brand recognition of Canon or Nikon among old-school camera heads, but the company has been putting out impressive high-end shooters for a few years now. The Japanese giant makes some of the best compact cameras on the ...and more »

Sony's new A9 camera is a full-frame mirrorless with ludicrous speed - The Verge

Sony just announced its most advanced full-frame camera for professional photographers yet. The new A9 is designed to pose a formidable challenge to Canon and Nikon, with a full-frame stacked CMOS sensor (24.2 megapixels), incredible continuous ...and more »

Which Sony a9 Feature Will Make Pros Switch? - PetaPixel (blog)

Sony's recently announced full-frame flagship a9 is a game changer for mirrorless systems. Designed to compete directly against the Canon EOS 1D X Mark II and Nikon D5 DSLRs, Sony has seemingly solved some of the major complaints of the a7 series ...and more »