Sony's PS4 can become infested with cockroaches - Daily Mail

Is YOUR games console infested with roaches? Repair firm warns Sony's PS4 is 'insect heaven'. Cockroaches are attracted to heat and crawl into the console through its vents; When they touch high voltage components, they die and break the console; They ...and more »

Cockroaches are invading game consoles -- here's how to keep yours bug-free - CNBC

A gross report published Monday revealed that game consoles and other entertainment devices are perfect breeding grounds for all sorts of bugs, including cockroaches. Kotaku told a horror story of Sony PS4 units that were chock full of the little ...and more »

Cockroaches may be inside your PS4 - Fox News

Having trouble with your PlayStation 4? A surprising problem may be to blame: cockroaches. In an interview with Kotaku, Patrick Che of Manhattan-based XCubicle, a console repair shop, told the blog that the pests, which tend to reside in warm dark ...and more »

Sony Will Release a 1TB PlayStation 4 in North America Later This Month - Geek

If you're interested in a PlayStation 4 but don't feel the PS4 Pro is right for you, there is always the standard PlayStation 4. Since it was launched last year, the new PS4 (affectionately called the PS4 Slim) came with a 500GB hard drive. As any ...and more »

PlayStation 4 Debugged: Why Do Roaches Love Sony's Console? - The Inquisitr

PlayStation 4 is literally not bug-free. In case you own a PS4, it would be best to check it now, maybe give it a few jiggles, and wait for a cockroach to come out. In a recent report from Kotaku, it was uncovered that roaches have discovered a premium ...and more »

PS4 Slim Upgrades Standard Storage To 1TB - USgamer

Sony announced today that there's a new PlayStation 4 Slim on the market in North America. This isn't a hardware refresh though. Instead, the new Slim subs out the old 500GB hard drive for a new standard 1TB hard drive. The price of the system remains ...and more »

Sony Releasing 1TB PS4 Slim in North America This Month - IGN Africa

Those in North America will soon be able to purchase a PS4 Slim with more storage space, as Sony has announced a 1TB version of the console is on the not too distant horizon. According to the official PlayStation Twitter account, the console will be ...and more »

Sony Upgrades PlayStation 4 To 1TB Storage In North America - International Business Times

Sony's slim PlayStation 4 was launched back in September with only 500GB of storage. Now, the company has announced that it's getting an upgrade of 1TB of storage for the same price. Sony announced on Twitter that the 1TB PlayStation 4 will be coming ...and more »

PlayStation 4 Slim gets 1TB storage upgrade, price stays the same -

A recent post from the official PlayStation Twitter account announced that the PS4 Slim will have its internal storage space bumped up to 1TB without changing the price tag. PS4 announcement. Image: Twitter/@PlayStation. The PS4 Slim was initially ...and more »

1TB PS4 Slim finally arrives in the US - MCV

US gamers are finally able to buy the PS4 Slim with 1TB of internal storage. Sony's redesigned PS4 launched in both 1TB and 500GB flavours when it arrived in the UK, but for some reason the 1TB model has been missing from the American lineup until now.and more »