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Console Repairmen Explain Why Cockroaches Love PS4s - Kotaku

First, there were snakes on a plane. Then, we had sharks in tornadoes. Now, there is a darker and more prevalent combination of pests and unlikely places they exist: cockroaches in your PS4. I heard about the PS4's roach problem at an independent ...and more »

Sony Will Release a 1TB PlayStation 4 in North America Later This Month - Geek

If you're interested in a PlayStation 4 but don't feel the PS4 Pro is right for you, there is always the standard PlayStation 4. Since it was launched last year, the new PS4 (affectionately called the PS4 Slim) came with a 500GB hard drive. As any ...and more »

Your PlayStation 4 might be full of cockroaches - The indy100

There could be something lurking in your video game console. Not the sort of virtual monsters or aliens that you fight in Dark Souls or Resident Evil. But real life bugs. Kotaku have spoken to repairman Patrick Che, who fixes consoles in New York. And ...and more »

Is Your PS4 Broken? Check for Roaches - PC Magazine

Having trouble with your PlayStation 4? A surprising problem may be to blame: cockroaches. In an interview with Kotaku, Patrick Che of Manhattan-based XCubicle, a console repair shop, told the blog that the pests, which tend to reside in warm dark ...and more »

Roaches Love PS4s: How to Keep Them Out - Tom's Guide

It's an almost accepted truth that modern games ship with bugs, but that doesn't mean your PS4 needs to be infested with creepy crawlies. A new report suggests that the Sony console can be a magnet for roaches, which can seriously screw up your gaming.and more »

Sony PS4 Slim 1TB Summer Value Bundle With 5 Games Listed on Amazon India - NDTV

Sony India has a new PS4 Slim bundle on the way. This time around, according to a listing on Amazon India, you'll be getting a PS4 1TB console, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (which consists of the first three Uncharted games), The Last of Us ...and more »

PlayStation 4 is a roach motel - New York Post

Gaming repair shops are getting a boost in business thanks to “buggy” PlayStation 4s. The Sony gaming system doubles as the perfect roach motel — for insects looking for a warm, dark home, according to video game website Kotaku. Patrick Che, the ...and more »

Cockroaches Love the PlayStation 4, Too - Mental Floss

Video game consoles are prone to a number of misfortunes, like Xbox 360's “red ring of death” or more recently the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con and warping issues. But none have the gross-out factor of one of the PlayStation 4's most unique issues: roach ...and more »

The $300 PlayStation 4 Slim bulks up with a 1TB hard drive - Engadget

Sure, it's simple enough to swap out the standard 500 GB hard drive in your PlayStation 4 for a bigger one, but sometimes you just don't want to go through the hassle. Well, thanks to the PS4 Slim being packed with a 1 TB drive as standard equipment ...and more »

PS4 Slim 1TB Model Announced, Coming This Month - Hardcore Gamer

Sony has announced that there will be a 1TB model of their popular PS4 Slim console. 500GB is, simply put, not enough space this-generation. With game installs that can range anywhere between 20GB and 80GB, the standard HDDs that come equipped ...and more »