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Why Sony PS4s get roach-infested so easily - Boing Boing

It's not your imagination: Sony's Playstation 4 really is unusually vulnerable to cockroach infestation. The reasons why remind me of airline disasters: a combination of several individually-trivial mistakes that combine to form something awful. But ...and more »

PlayStation 4 Debugged: Why Do Roaches Love Sony's Console? - The Inquisitr

PlayStation 4 is literally not bug-free. In case you own a PS4, it would be best to check it now, maybe give it a few jiggles, and wait for a cockroach to come out. In a recent report from Kotaku, it was uncovered that roaches have discovered a premium ...and more »

Here's Why Your PS4 Might Be A Lovely Warm Home for Cockroaches - Interesting Engineering

Cockroaches might be some of the least appealing crawling demons on planet earth. They can fly, they're massive, and they're darn near indestructible. Not only will they inevitably survive a nuclear war, they've also become notorious for hiding in the ...and more »

Cockroaches love your PlayStation more than you do - USA TODAY College

Sony has sold over 53.4 million PlayStation 4 units since the console's launch in early 2013. With plenty of games and an entire virtual reality headset to go with it, it's no surprise the PS4 is popular. Of course, there's one group I don't think even ...and more »

Sony just gave the PS4 Slim a big upgrade without increasing the price - BGR

Nintendo's Switch is the talk of the town right now, which might explain why Sony decided to double the storage of the PS4 Slim while keeping the same $299.99 entry price in place. Don't Miss: Everyone's favorite Alexa smart plug is back on sale on ...and more »

PlayStation 4 is a roach motel - New York Post

The Sony gaming system doubles as the perfect roach motel — for insects looking for a warm, dark home, according to video game website Kotaku. Patrick Che, the co-founder of console repair shop XCubicle on the Lower East Side, told the site the shop ...and more »

PlayStation 4 'Slim' now comes with 1TB hard drive — and it won't cost you extra - Digital Trends

The PlayStation 4 “Slim” model offers players an affordable way to play the latest and greatest PS4 games. While it boasts a number of improvements over the original model, the system is equipped with a small 500GB hard drive. That will change this ...and more »

Cockroaches Love the PlayStation 4, Too - Mental Floss

Video game consoles are prone to a number of misfortunes, like Xbox 360's “red ring of death” or more recently the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con and warping issues. But none have the gross-out factor of one of the PlayStation 4's most unique issues: roach ...and more »

Sony PS4 Slim 1TB Summer Value Bundle With 5 Games Listed on Amazon India - NDTV

Sony India has a new PS4 Slim bundle on the way. This time around, according to a listing on Amazon India, you'll be getting a PS4 1TB console, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (which consists of the first three Uncharted games), The Last of Us ...and more »

PS4 Slim 1TB Model Announced, Coming This Month - Hardcore Gamer

Sony has announced that there will be a 1TB model of their popular PS4 Slim console. 500GB is, simply put, not enough space this-generation. With game installs that can range anywhere between 20GB and 80GB, the standard HDDs that come equipped with the ...and more »