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AWS v Oracle: Mark Hurd schooled on how to run a public cloud that people actually use - The Register

Amazon's AWS infrastructure boss has slapped down Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd after the latter boasted that Big Red needs fewer data centers because its systems are, apparently, twice as good. Writing on his personal blog this week, James Hamilton, ...and more »

This quote perfectly sums up why Oracle should be terrified of Amazon - Business Insider

Oracle founder and executive chairman Larry Ellison has always liked to talk smack about his rivals and lately the rival getting the brunt of his attention is Amazon. Every chance he gets, Ellison will claim running a database on Amazon's cloud is much ...and more »

Amazon opens Alexa voice control software to developers - The INQUIRER

AMAZON HAS released the technology behind its all-conquering Alexa voice assistant, allowing developers to use it in their own creations. The service, called "Lex", could be used for a whole variety of purposes, but having Amazon at the heart will put ...and more »

You can now buy the brains behind Amazon's Alexa - Quartz

The deep neural networks that power Amazon's popular voice assistant are up for sale. Developers will now be able to build their own virtual personal assistants for platforms like Facebook Messenger and Slack with a tool called Amazon Lex, the company ...and more »

AWS launches Redshift Spectrum, which lets users query data in S3 - VentureBeat

At the AWS Summit in San Francisco today, public cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the launch of Redshift Spectrum, an extension of AWS' Redshift managed data warehousing service that enables querying on data that ...and more »

Amazon opens up Alexa voice and text tech for developers to make new chatbots - Ars Technica

Amazon's Alexa has executed a surprise takeover of the smart home industry since the launch of the Echo a few years ago, but now the company is opening up Alexa's technology for other applications. According to a report from Reuters, Amazon is giving ...and more »

Amazon Lex, managed AI services behind Alexa, now open to all AWS customers - TechRepublic

Developers now have a new way to bring conversational capabilities to their apps: Amazon Lex, the artificial intelligence (AI) service used to create applications that can interact with users via voice and text, is now available to all Amazon Web ...and more »

Organisations looking to spend more on AWS cloud-native services, research says - Cloud Tech

Spend on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-native services, including serverless compute AWS Lambda, data warehouse Amazon Redshift, and streaming platform Amazon Kinesis, is set to go up this year, according to a new study from 2nd Watch.and more »

A Beginner's Guide on How Cloud Backup With Amazon S3 Works - Cloudwards

Amazon S3 may stand for “simple storage service” but figuring out how to get started with it can seem anything but. That's mostly due to the fact that S3 was designed to help developers build cloud-computing tools and is just one of about 70 different ...and more »

AWS opens up Amazon Lex AI platform to its customers - ZDNet

This device is unable to play the requested video. AWS said it is opening up its Amazon Lex artificial intelligence service to all customers so they can build applications. Amazon Lex uses the same machine learning technology as Amazon Alexa. Amazon ...and more »