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Moto X4 to be the new mid-tier smartphone on Google's Project Fi -

Yesterday the official Twitter account for Google's MVNO, Project Fi, said we should expect a mid-tier priced smartphone to be supported by its network "later this year". It didn't provide any hints as to what exact device that would be, only ...and more »

Lenovo's Moto X4 is coming to Google's Project Fi in Q4 - VentureBeat

Google yesterday revealed that a Project Fi-compatible device “at a mid-tier price” was forthcoming from one of its hardware partners. VentureBeat has learned that the partner in question is the company's former subsidiary, Motorola — sold to Lenovo ...and more »

The Moto X4 might be coming to Project Fi - Android Police

Project Fi is a pretty good carrier if you don't use much cellular data, as it only charges $20/month for the base service and $10 per GB used. But only Google's own devices can be activated on the network, and now that the age of Nexus is over, the ...and more »

Lenovo's Moto X4 Tipped to Arrive on Google's Project Fi in Q4 2017 - XDA Developers (blog)

Earlier in the day, Project Fi's official Twitter handle tweeted out that a new Fi-compatible device will be coming later this year from one of Google Fi's partners. This device will be made available at a mid-tier price, bringing it within reach for a ...and more »

ZUK Brand May Not Be Dead After all, CEO Hints At ZUK Z3 & More - gizmochina (blog)

A recent rumour had hinted that Lenovo was planning to collapse the ZUK brand and instead focus its smartphone business under the Moto brand. The company had debunked such rumours but it has continued to fester and the recent redirecting of the ...and more »

Moto X4 will be Project Fi's middle-range phone - AndroidGuys

A few days ago Google revealed that a new Project Fi-compatible device with an affordable price will become available later this year. We were told the device will come from Google or one of its partners and now thanks to a report coming out of Venture ...and more »

The Moto X4 may be the first non-Google phone to get Project Fi - Engadget

There's only been one problem with Project Fi's well-received phone carrier network: too few phones. Until now, the only devices that work with it have been Google's own Nexus and Pixel handsets. It looks like that's about to change, though. Project Fi ...and more »

Lenovo's Moto X4 will reportedly come to Project Fi in Q4 2017 - Android Authority (blog)

Google has been working hard to improve Project Fi as of late, but there are still a few things holding users back from joining the MVNO. Perhaps the most notable reason why users are reluctant to join is due to the lack of affordable devices ...and more »

Motorola's Moto X4 Could Be The Mystery Mid-tier Device Debuting On Google's Project Fi - Wccftech

Google's Project Fi recently tweeted about an upcoming mid-tier phone. The mysterious tweet also confirmed that the phone would support Google's MVNO service and that it should be launched sometime later this year. Today, VentureBeat has reported that ...and more »